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Betty Boop's World
👑 Betty Boops World👑 : This server was created to gather people around the world to meet new people worldwide and to have more people to talk to. We have many events that will keep you occupied and get you involved with our staff and other fellow members just like you. ☁️Events:☁️ ⭐Simon Says ⭐Movie Nights ⭐Q&As ⭐and much more! ☁️Some Channel Examples☁️ ⭐Media ⭐Starboard⭐ ⭐Voting ⭐Amazing Facts ⭐Quotes Why should you join❓ ⚠️Well i think you'll like our server, that's if you like meeting new people with common interest like yourself. 📋We also have a twitter page but you can just look at the owners profile and see the twitter name. 🛠 Are we looking for staff? 🛠 Well we actually are looking for staff in different timezones. Our staff application has 3 sections and we place you under trial mod until we feel you are ready. 🎶So come on by and join this slow growing server.🎶 I will see you there!

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Regardless of Nationality, Gender, Sex, Race, Ethnicity, and Sexuality, our server greets you! We are a server for communities both within the Israeli border and abroad, to discuss Politics, Gaming, Movies, or whatever crosses your mind. Join us and be updated with news, have fun with our great community, make suggestions, enjoy great custom emotes, and ask questions about the wonderful state of Israel!

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☕ Full Moon Café ☕

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☕ Café Academia 🍵
Upcoming community server, super chill & cute vibes. Perfect for anyone looking to make new friends, find people to game with, or just a place to hangout. We offer a variety of chats and hobbies to be a part of including art, movies, and anime. Come spam your selfies in our selfie chat or vent in our wishing well/advice chats! Or if you just need people to game with, we

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⁎ ☆  Little Angels  ☆ ⁎
🍃 °. 𝓪𝓫𝓸𝓾𝓽 𝓾𝓼 .° 🍃 This is a peaceful server for growing Instagram artists ^v^ 🍭 But of course, non-Instagram artists are welcome too, we appreciate everyone 🍓 🍃 °. 𝔀𝓮 𝓸𝓯𝓯𝓮𝓻 .° 🍃 ☾┊ various channels for chatting and sharing your art ☾┊ a lot of fun bots (Miki, Nadeko, Mudae, Yui etc.) ☾┊ server events (playing games, movie nights etc) ☾┊ friendly staff ☾┊ really cute emotes ☾┊ a ranting and venting channel ☾┊ a channel for promotions ☾┊ great people ☾┊ a cute theme

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Welcome to Speakeasy. An 18+ place to meet new people and speak unfiltered. We are an active community in both text and voice channels that has memes; monthly giveaways; is 420 and drinking friendly; movie nights; game nights; and more! We hope you'll join in on the fun so we can get to know you a little better!

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Afterschool Club
**꧁Welcome to the Afterschool Club꧂** Have you been looking for a new server to join where you can just chill and talk? Then come join the Afterschool club! Here we strive in making a community everyone is comfortable in! ⭒☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆⭒ What we have for you: ❧Friendly staff ❧Events like movies, games, etc. ❧Active community ❧Different channels to talk about your interests in ❧Partnerships ❧Homework Help ❧ Exclusive Content Creator ❧Non-toxic environment That’s all!

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Fylm TV - Support Indie Creators
Fylm TV is a streaming startup committed to growing and supporting the indie community. We're building a platform that will provide independent creators with access to viewers, production resources, community channels, and monetization opportunities for current and future film and TV projects. The platform is expected to launch in January 2021, but we recently launched our Discord channel to allow viewers, creators, and industry partners to meet, collaborate, and receive updates on our progress

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Lanez's Amusement Park
Lanez's Amusement Park is a fun, nice, and chill community! We have many fun people and do things such as movie nights! Join to make friends and be part of the community!

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Fire Force
A fan of Fire Force? Then ild love to welcome you to our community! We are the Number #1 Fire Force server (Tier 3 Boosted) tailored to match your needs, we offer the following perks: A community full of all anime lovers! 🔥 Movie Nights! 🔥 Anime news! 🔥 Links for FireForce Series/Manga! 🔥 A leveling system based off the show! 🔥 A variety of games to play 🔥 Themed Server Events! 🔥 384kbps Audio Quality (Better than YouTube) And many more!! Come be apart of our community <3

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