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The Federation of Naboo
>The Naboo Federation< ———————————————————————- Do you love to have Star Wars RPs? Join our new Naboo Federation group currently in development! Laugh, roleplay, and make friends! ———————————————————————- >The Queen of Naboo is looking for members to join the military, guard, and more as we grow!< ———————————————————————- >Current divisions for we’re looking for< -Security Corps -Palace Guard ———————————————————————- >More ranks coming the more members join! At 40 members we’ll start looking for the following ranks: -starfighter -gungan ———————————————————————- >Era: The Clone Wars< ———————————————————————- >If you have any questions DM The Queen< ———————————————————————- >Discord in social links<!/about

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