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mexdex | CS:GO, Apex Legends & Fortnite Community Germany 🕹
Wir spielen CS:GO, APEX und Fortnite ! (DEUTSCH/German) Joined in die Spielersuche-Channels, um Mitspieler zu finden!

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Moinsen zsm, Wir haben vor kurzem spontan einen CS Server für Deutsche erstellt. Wenn du Bock auf eine gesellige Runde CS hast, bist du mehr als willkommen bei uns. Sind stand mitte Mai auf 200 Mitglieder gekommen. Jeder hat ein Mitbestimmungsrecht und darf den Server formen.

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Welcome to CS:HUB Discord Server! We are an community and esports server, the topic of the server is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Note that this is NOT OFFICIAL. Feel free to chat and share everything what's related to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, but this doesn't mean you don't need to read a rules. As you see we have a lot of damage channels which you can text and be informed, like some for tournments, updates, reddit or for chatting and enjoining as tips

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BULGARIA|GaminG Zone|™
Добре дошли в този канал играем CsGO Dota2 PuBG Apex Legends и много други, заповядайте !

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Serveur Discord FR Gaming CSGO, GMOD, Apex Legends, Rocket League etc

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18+ EGirls Gaming Rust CSGO YouTubers Streamers

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MLGC Community
Learn legit on CS:GO without getting overwatched. software provided in the server. //road2globals

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Het Autistenhoekje
BESTE FUCKING SERVER IN NEDERLAND, MEER DAN 70 MEMBERS IN 1 WEEK *(SNIPER ELITE 3, GIVEAWAYYYY!!)* Zeggen je vrienden ook altijd dat je een grote autist bent?!!! Ben jij meerdere keren gebanned voor je klote gedrag op andere servers??!!! Noemen je vrienden je een fucking weeb??!! Dan is dit zeker de plek voor jou. We hebben meerdere games die je kan spelen in onze (beste) server. Zoals Fortnite(de autisten game van onze moderne generatie), CSGO, The Forest, Rainbow six siege, Rust en nog veel meer! Verder hebben we wekelijks AuTalkz waar je elkaar volop mag uitschelden, Hier kun je je Daddy Issues echt laten zien!

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Welcome to ChernobylBoys! This server is freshly(not really)made and needs active users and partners! Don't judge us just by numers. We want this server to grow as much as possible. Every entry counts! This server offers: -Tons of different channels and voice channels(psst, we are making even more of them quite often) -Spicy memes 🤩 -NSFW channel 🔞 -Freedom of speech -Friendly staff😋 -Empty slots for mods!!!⚠️ -Flexing channels!!😉 -Starting with my youtube😒 -couldn't think of anything else, but we are still making this server better.😂 I just wanted to say that this is still FRESH server and it needs a lot of new members, so you can apply for mod any time. Just be active 🙂 Your sincerely, Papa ZGopnik | ChernobylBoys and Tyrone Bejlabeg

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Wunderland! A discord server that unites gamers and fellow streamers together to play games and have a lot of fun! We have music bots, memes, snapchats/selfies, you can promote your own streams here! We also take suggestions!

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