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Multiplatform Gaming ™
Multiplatform Gaming ™ A community for gamer's and those alike! #MultiplatformGaming

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a fast growing csgo trading server that has friendly users and active chats

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mexdex | CS:GO, Apex Legends & Fortnite Community Germany 🕹
Wir spielen CS:GO, APEX und Fortnite ! (DEUTSCH/German) Joined in die Spielersuche-Channels, um Mitspieler zu finden!

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The Intergalactic Squirrels™
(16+) The Intergalactic Squirrels™ are mainly about Rocket League but also CS:GO, R6 Siege & Minecraft (we have our own dedicated server!). Our members are from Europe, the USA and other parts of the world. Come join us to find buddies to play with, assign yourself roles and mess around with Discord bots (we even have an exclusive in-house developed bot)!

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HaM (TVN) Esports
**Have you ever wanted to join an Esports team, but to afraid that you won’t make it in?** Well, we are the team for you! We take on any level of player, from absolute Noob to Experienced Veteran. Our team can tutor, help and develop you game style quick and get you onto our Tournament Teams. We host practice sessions nearly every week with people in your level band. Our next upcoming Practice session is in October for new recruits on Rainbow Six Siege. One of our couches will be there to help newer players get a feel for the game. Our Teams Overwatch CSGO Rainbow 6 Siege Black Ops 3, 4 TF2 Join now and get a chance in our Tournament Teams!

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The Squad
-The Squad is a brand new friendly gaming community -We invite you to come check us out --We are in need of staff members--

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👽 SasNet Community ✔
Romanian Nice Community

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Cucci pussy
gia sas , pera apo ton ironiko titlo ,eimaste mia poli filiki kai orea omada apo cool atoma aneksartitou filou h ilikias ,sinithos pezoume games opos Fortnite, CSGO, LoL , PUBG kai ala pola, ala genika kanoume kai ala pragmata , opos spamaroume memes , kai leme vlakies sto Voice Chat :D , exoume akoma kai NSFW channel (+18) kai eimaste anikti gia promotes/ads triton kai sinergasies :) , eimaste sxetika mikri akoma (60+ atoma),ala eimaste esiodoksi me megales prosdokies :D

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University de Beejee's
uwu come play with vvebooos

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AdvBoost Offers Professional Vertigo Boosting in CS:GO Every Match is played vs our own accouns with Global Elite And there is no way to get matched with other players than our accounts We don't need to login on your account, so your skins and account is safe You join our lobby from your computer and we boost you untill you reach desired rank Every Match is won 16:0 and played versus our bots in our lobby Fastest match can be done in 8 minutes, which makes single day road to global possibl

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