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Musical Dream
This Discord server is made for music enthusiasts to share their favourite music, discuss about music related topics and listen along to music with others. Everyone in this server shows a passion for music and we hope you will enjoy your stay, discover some new great artists and maybe even make some new friends through this community!

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We're a discord server dedicated to the British genre of music known as Grime, pioneered by artists such as Wiley and Dizzee Rascal. We're a friendly community for British music fans alike to share music and have casual discussions, share memes, and otherwise have fun. Though our focus is on grime, we're all pretty open to discussing other forms of British music. Many of us are also interested in UK rap/hip hop, UK drill, afroswing, UK garage, UK dubstep, etc.

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Artists Corner
➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ Artists Corner ➳ ➳ ➳ ➳ An Art server full of artists, at all styles and skill levels. You can talk to other artists and make new friends. If you are any type of artists, you can join it We have ✓ Self Promotion Channels ✓ Critique Channels! ✓ Commission Channels ✓ Designers ✓ Awesome art! ✓ Friendly community! ✓ Active Staff Members

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Fantasy's Illusion
A close community on the web to share your own personal passions, watch some movies together, and share original art, writing, and photography. We have a few server games that are unique and competitive as well as an easy-to-read server layout so you aren't bombarded and confused with navigation. We also have our proudly represented art-dedicated section for all our artists out there. There are many good artists here, so why not come check some of them out and submit your own?

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That One Server
That One Server is a Gaming/creative community where we aim to create a place where people can come to talk and creators of all kinds (artists, youtubers, streamers) can share their work with the world as well as a place that gamers can find people to squad up with. Hope to see you chatting with us soon!

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Anime Artists United
Are you an artist who enjoys Anime? If so, this server is the place for you! Interact with others with the same interest, share art, get feedback, commission or get commissioned and many more opportunities! We also have art themed ranks, art currency, shopping system and more!!

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Artist's Enclave
Artist’s Enclave is a place for artists and art lovers (digital, traditional and photographers) to feel free to explore, share, socialize, help yourself and others with feedback, and of course express your own creativity. Our aim is to create a hub of artists at all levels, beginner, intermediate, pro where we can build each other. And if you're looking to start art, stop by too, we'll help you out. We currently host group drawing sessions where we come together, listen to music and draw.

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The Intel TF2
Welcome to The Intel, a brand-new Team Fortress 2 server focused on the game itself and social interactions with its community. Here you can see daily updates from the game, memes, discussions and IRL content from our members. The Intel has massive support with artists and content creators, and even Discord partners! We also contain boosters that provides us a very large amount of custom Emojis. We Provide: -A large collection of custom Emojis; -Active community; -Active Channels;

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A safe place for any community Pastel is a very colorful server Arabic LGBTQ gamers and artists <3

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This is our newly formed server Here you will find everything you need you can collab with other artists , make music and share your music in our promotion chat!

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