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Doofy | Social ● Games ● Emotes
You are invited to DOOFY! A server all about fun and getting to know people - Fun bots, such as Dank memer, and Mimu! - Very friendly members <3 - Weebs, gamers, music lovers, we welcome all people! - Helpful & Friendly Staff - Roles & cute emojis! :3

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Join us to get access to a large variety of roles, bots, and people. Its never too late to come and take a peak. We have been constantly growing so we invite you to join. Currently at Level 3 boost. And Over 300+ members. Our current goal is to reach 500 members. And once we do, there will be many prizes in store for both older and newer members.

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- The Puppeteer -
we are friendly server and its dating and matchmaking server you can find your partner gf or bf matching making is done every week server is active people are non toxic very welcoming people join and give it a try and check it out for yourself Dating Matchmaking Age:13-25

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IPTG - International Public Transport Group
You can look forward to experiencing public transport, no matter if it's land, sea or air. This server also focuses on simulators like ETS2, Railworks, Garry's Mod (Metrostroi), FSX, P3D, etc. The main language is English. All countries are welcome here! Topics: -Aviation -Trams&Buses -Subways -Trucks -Railway The server is always open for suggestions from its members. Sounds interesting? You are welcome to visit us!

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Best DIABLO 2 RESURRECTED discord server! |Why D2GM?|members > mods|❤️ FREE D2R cdkeys daily -|✅ FREE D2 items|☑️ Large community|✔️ Experts-amazonbasin staff|💥 Safe trading|🔥 Diablo competitions-huge prizes| Join us to find out more <3

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SoSo's Safe Recovery Services
✨+100% PACKAGES CONTENT FOR SAME PRICE🔒 Safest Services👔 Most Professional GTA Online Account Recovery✔️ 110+ satisfied customers 💻 PC only 🔒 We offer the safest account modding services out there. 👍 100+ reviews. 📈 0% ban rate so far. 💰 Packages ranging from €5 to €30. 🎁 Weekly giveaways. 📸 We livestream on Discord the entire process. Packages can contain: 🤑 Cash up to $5 billion. 😎 Any level up to 8000. 💪 Max stats. 👽 Unlock everything (bunker, vehicles upgrades, collectibles)

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🍓Welcome to Crocus! 13+🍓 A soft, garden themed server that hopes to promote a safe and fun environment for those that choose to join. Here, you can enjoy the following : ⊱┊Self Assignable Roles + Colors ⊱┊Game Night & Movie Night ⊱┊Rant Channel ⊱┊Voice Chats + Stage Channel ⊱┊Friendly Staff ⊱┊Welcoming Members ⊱┊Partnerships ⊱┊LGBTQ+ safe space We're a super small, new server so feel free to hop in and check us out!!! Can't wait to meet you<3

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This server has exclusively content all from ROMANIA and romanian content, wich is also NFSW :) If you do like and enjoy your stay here, please be kind and invite your fellas :) !! Lets enjoy togheter all those spicy content pictures <3

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Furry hangout (Spooky Server)
This is an LGBTQ+ Furry gacha etc. server! (homophobia transphobia zoophile bullying,and racisim will be banned and blocked) ENJOY YOUR STAY <3.

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Thomasiee ♡
Server made by Thomas ♡ 100+ emoji's Active owner 10+ chats 30+ bots 100+ members 8+ voice channels 8+ free reaction roles Important rules Moderation Fun community clear categories Slash commands 24/7 music 5+ music bots Collaborating with other servers Custom voice channel creating And many more!

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