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Unsere Server Sprachen: Deutsch/Englisch Server Kategorie: schwul, gay Unser schwuler discord server hat sich auf hochwertige, heisse Bilder und Videos von Twinks und Maennern spezialisiert, aber auch Chats, c2c Anfragen und Wettbewerbe lassen keine Langeweile aufkommen. Weiterer Schwerpunkt sind Fussball und Fussballer. In Gedenken an

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?╎Gay|Bi|Curious|+|Server For Chill, Chat & NSFW Share ?╎Hundreds Of Tribe, Stats, Kinks, Colour & Likes Roles ?╎Starboard ✊╎NSFW Self Content Sharing Channels & SFW ?╎Rate My D/A ?╎Music, Games & Custom Bots ?╎NSFW Reddit Feeds ?╎Giveaways ✅╎Photo-Verified Users (Optional) ?╎Video Voice Channels ?╎Seller Links Channel ?️╎30k+ Members ?╎…….Welcome, Have Fun!

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ᵕ̈ Kᴀʀᴍᴀsᴜᴛʀᴜs࿎🍆💦
ᵕ̈ Kᴀʀᴍᴀsᴜᴛʀᴜs࿎🍆💦 GAY LGBTQ+ BISEXUAL TRANS HYPNO 🍆 💦 🍉 GER / ENG FSK 18!!! 🍆 💦 🍉 🥵🥵🥵 ❥ Hi. ⚧ ( FSK 18!!! ) Lang; GERMAN,ENGLISH,GLOBAL ⇛ Horny&Hot ღ ⇚ Dang i love this Server A very different and unique Server <333 feel free to join <3 =) About; ➣ NSFW+SFW Channels ➣ LGBTQ+ support ➣ Kinks, Roleplay, Furry, Love, Dating, BDSM ➣ group and match mastabating and Events VC+TXT ➣ dirtytalk,ASMR,dirtychat,jerk-off,hypno ➣ Hentai, Anime,Manga,Futa and much more ➣ CUM TRIBUTES, pics and cl

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💌 2facedtwinks (18+)
💌 2𝘧𝘢𝘤𝘦𝘥𝘵𝘸𝘪𝘯𝘬𝘴 (18+) active community | sfw and nsfw channels | live video sessions | private channels

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🎉 Must be 18+ 🎉 Plenty of different channels and roles 🎉 Pic sharing channels 🎉 Active community 🎉 Actively growing 🎉 Dating match finder by location 🎉 Gay Emojis 🎉Gay bot 🎉 100k+ Gay NSFW images/vids

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funny server
nigga can stroke yourself out to send shit shit to you stupid idiot, no rules bitch

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Take ur anger out
Im a 17 yo mal please join and take your anger out on me. Please send me death threats and swear words. Treat me like an object

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alens' (euw)
LGBT+ League Of Legends, OVERWATCH and genshin impact! -overwatch -league of legends -genshin impact we're a smaller community, since its a quite new server but we play a lot of league of legends (actively), i'd appreciate if you join and play with us on euw! :)

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Film Girls Gays & Theys
This is a server I made for queer and trans film buffs or just queer and trans people in general Cis-het people are welcome too ofc (: I hope to put on film and game nights if enough people join Tysm !!! 🥰🥰

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RULES •No cp •No gore •Normal rules, just don’t be an idiot. •No posting onlyfans content in the nsfw channels •If you get banned, muted/timedout dm me or another admin •Don’t post gay porn or 1 day timeout😃☝️

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