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Lewd City
A very friendly community/anime/gaming server and other fun channels | Mature 18+ Community.

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Atlantis City
╔═════════════╗       🌊 Atlantis City🌊 ೋღ ೋღ ೋღ ೋღWelcome to Atlantis city. We welcome new members to come to this beautiful city, that has been discovered by a couple of villages. Atlanta city is a lewd city that isn't any rules to follow. ೋღ ೋღ🌊 we also have hentai, gaming, partnerships, and more. Events, a fun little community, well what else could you ask for?🌊 ೋღ ೋღ🌊Fun & Mature Community ೋღ 🌊Events ೋღ🌊 Hentai ೋღ🌊Bot fun ೋღ🌊Self Assignable roles ೋღ🌊Art ೋღ 🌊Gaming

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GOML Gaming Co
Our Features: -Professional website with forums, events, and more. -Arma 3, Squad, Rust, and Minecraft servers (with more to come) -Military ranks with promotion rates and staff openings -Friendly and active staff (mostly veterans or active military) -Staff needed! If over the age of 17 and are willing to assist and be active with GOML you can apply on our website! Our Mission: We're striving to create a well established community of fun, relaxed, and mature gamers.

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Knights Of The Pub Table
We play multiple games from MMOs like FFXIV, ESO to competitive games like RL, LoL and SoT. We are a cross plat server and host events and giveaways weekly. Mature mostly young adults

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『__*Hello! And welcome to Vaporium!*__』 『__*Much love to you all and be sure to shout us out!*__』 『__*Vaporium is glad to have you all, and we’re looking for new members to join us and help our community grow! We believe that you, the members, are in charge of shaping our server into tip top shape! Our server is new at the moment, but we do have very caring staff, and members in our server you can reach out to. We will be looking to hire more staff in our server to help make it the best it can be!*__』 『__*Be sure to join today!*__』 ★゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜☆゜・。・゜★ 『__*What do we offer you ask?*__』 『__*We are now offering!*__』 ❖. __Friendly members and staff!__😋 ❖. __Helpful, and well communicating staff!__ 😁 ❖. __Music channels!__ 🎶 ❖. __Self assignable roles!__ 🖊 ❖. __Gaming channels!__ 🕹 ❖. __Gaming Tournaments for rewards!__🕹💵 ❖. __We support NSFW!__ 🔞 ❖. __We also support memes!__ 🐸 ❖. ⛩__Aesthetic art and Nature!__ ⛩ ❖. __Positions to apply for staff!__ 🗝 ❖. __Partnerships!__ 🤝 ❖. __Venting and debating!__ 😓 ❖. __And more!__ 😮 ★゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜☆゜・。・゜★ 『__*You can expect the following..*__』 ❖. __Friendly members__ ❤️ ❖. __Positions to apply for a staff__ 👮 👮‍♀️ ❖. __Music bots__ 🎶 ❖. __Leveling system__ 📶 ❖. __Partnerships__ 🤝 ❖. __Aesthetic art__ 🔆 ❖. __NSFW content including porn related and cursed images. We recommend mature audiences only for this__ 🔞 ❖. __Bot spam__ 🤖 ❖. __Gaming events__ 🕹 ❖. __Nitro drops__ 👀 ★゜・。。・゜゜・。。・゜☆゜・。・゜★ 『__*Come on down and have fun!*__』 『__*Our server is new at the moment, so expect change! Until then, thank you! And please enjoy!*__』

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Vanishing Legacy
We describe ourselves as “a Mature Gamers Guild“ as one of our main rules is our age limit for new members. However, our most important rule is that Real Life comes first, as we are here to enjoy our time in game and we understand that there are other more pressing things such as families and/or work.

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Hey there! Do you want a place where you can talk about anything and just hang out and feel comfortable? Why not try the Cute Crew! We have; - Active and friendly groups from all over the world - Relaxed community and easy to follow rules and a channel guide - In-depth discussions - Memes & Shitposting - Music and videos channel - Selfies channel and photography channels - Art and artist discussion channels - Server games and fun bots And Much much more Looking for 17+ ideally but all welcome

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Nekomimi's Nightclub
The Nekomimi Nightclub is a hub for all geek and nerd people who are in love with cyberpunk, vaporwave, outrun, technology, programming and anime. If you are into chill conversation and want to connect with people with similar interests to you, you are in the right place! This community is intended to feel small, comfy and relaxed for everyone, while still being active and engaging.

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Beach City
I made this server to embody friendship, compassion, and a fun community in which people can be themselves and not have to worry about abusive system lords or sadistic people, it's still new but growing fast. This is a mature community and we do not tolerate trolls, system abusers, hacks, or any child-like natured people.

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