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join Game dev
🎲join indie 2d game development🖐🌎 🎮project #2, codename: mousehole (prison break)🥇 we need following skills: 💻programmer🖥 🎨2D artist 🎼music and 🔊sound efx (composer)🎹 💌story, idea

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⚪programmers club🔴 a place for all coders and programmers

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Learn C++
Learning C++ we also recently added Rust and Python (and Java) participate in projects weekly tutorials making games and software daily Voice chats about programming

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we need C++ programmers to work on an indie game dev project no need to be an expert, because we also teach C++ so any person with each level is accepted we also need other human resources in

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PaxelGames Community
Hey you, you. No you. Are you interested in joining another game development community? We are PaxelGames, PaxelGames Community. What is PaxelGames? We are an upcoming application development studio, focusing on developing idle games with pixelart style. But wait, why community? We are a community for game developing and gaming where you can socialize, share thoughts and ideas, help each other and play together on discord or anywhere else. Oh you are interested? Join us now, see you there.

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HEY! are you a codefreak who wants to be a member of a growing community of other programmers wich help eachother? participate in this server! This is the place where we help eachother with many different problems in all sorts of programming languages! Current Codinglanguages: - Java - Python - C - C# - Scratch - html You can ALWAYS suggest an other language to be added! See you there!

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Join a fun guild for programming help and talk. Python, Java, C#, Kotlin and all other languages welcome. If you need some help for your next programming project, or just want to chat about programming in general, this is the place to be.

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Homework Solutions | CS, Essays, Math & More
Homework Solutions provides help with your assignments and essays. Our tutors specialize in several subjects up to college-level classes - Math - English - Spanish - Science -Programming. -Research Papers -Stats.

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CortexCode | Tech Discussion, Programming, Ethical Hacking, Gaming - Education/Support/Events/Giveaways/CO-OP Projects Why should you join? Cortex Network is a new network of growing applications, projects and communities. CortexCode is our first development and we will be working on growing this server and part of the network to one of the largest elements of the network. CortexCode offers the ability to chat in a friendly, chill discord server to share your projects and join existing projects

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YouMe's Lounge
This is a community where you can talk about gaming, find companions to play games together, and more! You can also find people to discuss programming, if you've found yourself a bottleneck, there may be people to help you! You can also expect giveaways once in a while. Invite rewards are also supported!

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