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The Sage Garden 18+
✯¸.•´*¨`*•✿Welcome to The Sage Garden 18+✿•*`¨*`•.¸✯ We are an 18+ server focusing on community, games, friends, and sex/kink positivity. Here you’ll find a fun community full of events, friends, video games, and chill nights just hanging out. Why should you join? ◇ 18+ ID verification gated community ◇ Fun and cute emotes, including customized text emotes ◇ Daily question, weekly photo theme, and share your music channels ◇ Role reaction menu for pronouns, age, interests, DM status, and more

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🍷❄🔥 Crepkaeluc 🍷❄🔥
Our server is mostly related to Crepluc, Crepkae, Kaeluc/Luckae, and Crepkaeluc from Genshin Impact, but shippers from any fandom are welcome!

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La casita de los juegos
La Casita de los Juegos acoge fans de todos los rincones del mundo de los video-juegos que quieran hablar de sus aficiones favoritas y de la vida. Ofrecemos un espacio seguro libre de cualquier tipo de discriminación, odio y toxicidad, para que te sientas con la misma comodidad que en tu casa.

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There's many activities but still a work in progress, we will soon add more for you all to enjoy, please read and follow the rules if you do join I hope you enjoy your stay if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable please inform someone in the server!! enjoy!

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"Multifunctional Discord Server with Many Useful Bots" This Discord server offers many useful types of bots, like AI image generator and code compiler. With a simple and user-friendly server interaction display, this server is suitable for Discord users of all levels, both beginners and experienced. Join this server and enjoy the benefits offered by many useful bots

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Chess Tournaments
Chess Tournaments Chess is beautiful enough to waste your life for join and participate in our monthly competition ... chess$ boardgames$ game$ tournament$ play$ competition$ gaming$ chill$ friendly$ music$ VC$ education$ fun$

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Retrogaming community -- reddit news tagged retrogaming in chat -- dank memer autoposting memes -- frog game avaiable -- leaderboards with user banners -- youtube videos from 10 different retrogaming sources

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✧ ˚  ·  coffeecord   . ₍⑅ᐢ..ᐢ₎ this is a gaming café themed server!  now reworked! .・。.・゜what we offer ✭・. ʚ﹕ LFG channels・₊˚ ɞ ʚ﹕ reaction roles・₊˚ ɞ ʚ﹕ vent and gaming channels・₊˚ ɞ ʚ﹕ semi-active chat and giveaways・₊˚ ɞ ʚ﹕ movie and game nights・₊˚ ɞ .・。.・゜what we're looking for ✭・. ʚ﹕new active members・₊˚ ɞ ʚ﹕ boosters・₊˚ ɞ ʚ﹕duo partners/fill ・₊˚ ɞ ʚ﹕ partnerships・₊˚ ɞ

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Siema! Zapraszam na serwer do gierek oraz memów. Ogólnie jak często grasz sam lub po prostu potrzebujesz teammate'a to, to miejsce jest dla ciebie. Częściowa customizacja wyglądu serwera oraz uprawnień kanałów głosowych. Miła atmosfera, no NSFW.

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Las Vegas Hangout
Hey there! We are a Las Vegas-based server built in May 2022. Our server is open to all locals and tourists. We hosts meetup events with people who share similar interests such as hiking, food trips, movies, game nights, and more. Our goal is to build a friendly, fun, and positive community where everyone can meet new people, hang out, talk about the news or current affairs, games, anime, or anything else under the sun, and cultivate meaningful friendships. Come hang out with us!

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