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IPTG - International Public Transport Group
On this server you can talk about public transport topics and share your pictures and even create memes about it. This server also focuses on simulators like ETS2, Railworks, Garry's Mod (Metrostroi), FSX, P3D, etc. The main language is English. All countries are welcome here! Topics: -Aviation -Trams&Buses -Subways -Trucks -Railway The server is always open for suggestions from its members. Sounds interesting? You are welcome to visit us!

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Once Upon A Bimbo (Roleplay)
Once upon a time, there was a wizard by the name of Disorno Neyford (get it? Dis Ney?) He was a powerful wizard, capable of transporting himself to any realm he wanted, however, he was lonely. one day he found a book in his library that had a spell that could turn any woman into a busty slutty, giggly bimbo. in that moment a plan formed in his mind. he would go through the realms and turn their princesses (and even some non princesses) into bimbos!

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The Arcanem
-==Welcome to the Arcanem!==- We're a nice, little community server with many different portions of the server to enjoy and play with! =-=-= Some of our offerings include: -= Roleplaying in a modern-SyFy-fantasy world! -= Witchcraft/Magick Section! -= Gaming discussion/playing area! -= A debating area for your biggest and best topics! -= A cosplayer section! -= A friendly community of people who love to talk others! Transport yourself to the Arcanem!!

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