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Money Gurus - Make Money Online
Money Gurus is the go-to Discord for people looking for ways to earn money online. At its core, our community is based on a friendly and patient atmosphere that allows even the most novice people the opportunity to make money online. The server includes passive income apps, websites, cryptocurrency trading and more.

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Trivskins Trading
Trivskins Trading is a CS:GO trading community built on honest and fast trades. We boast active members and a feature rich trading bot. Come check us out!

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Pukka Network
------------------------------------------------------------------------- ╞═══╡🎮╞═══╡**Pukka Network**╞═══╡🎮╞═══╡ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only excellent, amazing and authentic gaming community! **• 🤖 Custom Discord bot. 10+ features to use such as music and fun commands! • 🔴 Never pinged. You only get pinged for what you choose with our ping roles! • 😃 Friendly community! We despise toxicity and have 24/7 moderators! • 🎉 Enter our daily giveaways to win cool prizes such as Steam games and roles! • 🗓 Take part in our events and compete with your randomly assigned team to win! • 🆙 Custom XP level system with auto-assigned ranks and activity rewards! • 💬 Active chats! We even have a custom AI chat bot that replies to our members! • 🆚 Multi-national gaming clan! Join and compete using our multiplayer servers! • 🕹 5+ 24/7 Multiplayer servers for popular games such as Minecraft/CS:GO! • 🔑 Claim a free Steam key every 24 hours! Invite people for better games! • 🛂 Steam trading! We offer Steam trading services such as middleman calls! • ✅ Emojis! Lots of fun and cool custom emojis! We even make our own emojis!** ``@everyone can get a free Steam game key worth $5 for every 5 people you invite! Don't miss out on this deal as it will only last until we reach 500 members! Just claim by direct messaging the owner of the Pukka Network Discord server!`` Join Pukka Network today for all the above and much more! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links: | -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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a fast growing csgo trading server that has friendly users and active chats

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Join the BullTradeFinder Server Today and get the latest Options Alerts, Stock Alerts, Breaking Market News, Real-Time FlowAlgo Feeds and our BRAND NEW Alpha-AI Stock and Options Alerts powered by Artificial Intelligence!

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save the world trading
hey welcome to my server here we will be hosting giveaways people can have there own shops and its a safe trading site

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STW Friends 😄
STW Friends is a fun gaming server for those who want to trade guns and materials in STW. STW Friends also offers a Fortnite Battle Royale experience. -New and upcoming server -Easy to find your way around -Recruiting new staff members -Save The World based server -Giveaways coming soon -Trading Chat -Weapon Trading -Crafting -Middleman Service -Taxi Service -Missions Help -SSD Help -Trading VC -Squad VC -Amazing Bots -BR Channels

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This is the group where we do Roblox Tradings, Assassin Giveaway, Breaking Point giveaways, Fun commands and More. Which includes: •Giveaways •Awesome Bots •Roblox Account Giveaways (Tradings) •And More □Don't Miss Out

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Loomian Legacy Fan Discord
We are a welcoming community of Loomian Legacy Fans who seek to make a fun experience for all users. We consist of variety of users who are invested into trading Loomians, discussion about PvP teams info, finding secret items and discussion about Loomian value and helping out each other! We are a Discord Server which is supportive of all Loomian Legacy Devs and Testers already consisting of a few of them. Our Community is growing daily and we welcome each user with open hands!

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Faerûn (T1) RP server
Faerûn (T1) RP server RPG GAMES 17 online 30 total Faerûn (T1) RP server COMMUNITY ROLEPLAY MUSIC D&D STEAMPUNK Welcome to the Land of Faerûn RP! 🐉Roleplay server with D&D concepts! 🐉A Vast world to explore! 🐉Expansive lore & hidden secrets! - Can’t wait to see ya there! *We are also looking for admins as well* More Info: Faerûn starts to expand after steampunk has arrived, new technology starts to happen across new lands opening kingdoms with wars, trading, and selling things. As the mythical creatures mated and caused a unique blood line and smarter creatures across the lands they start building kingdoms and training horses as a way of traveling and eventing guns and ammo. They started to make laws and a court system with jails and prisons. The old Faerûn land starts to be more of a sight except for people who didn't want to change their ways. ( coming soon) We are a friendly people looking forward to meeting you come join the world. We have music Bots D&D features that allows you to roll dice for a simple out come. Venting channel and a place to hang out with friends. Sincerely Owner/Co-Owner

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