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Rysy's House of Pleasure
18+ Server | Community centered | Kink channels | Themed RP channels | Secured selfies channels | Custom emojis - /// - Welcome to Rysy's House of Pleasure! Here, you will be able to share your own art, roleplay in themed channels and post all of your kinks in a friendly and welcoming community! We also have custom emotes, and plan on having many more! "Come for the porn, stay for the people!"

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Furry BDSM & Kinks House (18+)
Adult furry community server centered around bdsm, master-slave, chastity, femboy, diaperfur, cock-ball and other kinks under the same umbrella. Lets talk about our kinks and desires not just limited to arts and roleplay but to in real life activity and lifestly.

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The Vanguard
πŸ‡ 80+ DDLG, Petplay, Gaming, BDSM, LGBT 🌟 Minecraft server, active voice chats πŸ“ Nudes, Teases, Selfies πŸ¦– Dinosaur Facts Channel πŸ“ Pinned server member of the month πŸ’ Publicly discipline your sub/little/pet πŸ’ Little space, petplay space, and gender support πŸ“ Store with exclusive perks πŸ“ SFW and NSFW self πŸ“ Store with exclusive perks πŸ’ Kink discussion and education strawberry Debate and advice channels

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L𝔦𝔩𝔦𝔱π”₯'𝔰 V𝔒𝔦𝔩 18+
✦ Welcome to Lilith’s veil, come pledge yourself before the coven of your Mistresses and Masters.✦ Beyond the veil you'll find a committed 18+ BDSM coven eager to grant your wishes and desires. Follow down the rabbit hole, and see what our magic can do for you. ☾ Active voice calls, chats, and friendly staff! ☽ ☾ Dedicated kink channels ☽ ☾ User generated SFW/NSFW content. NSFW content is +18 verified only! ☽ ☾ Self-assigned roles ☽ ☾ Active, friendly staff ☽ ☾ Gaming chat ☽ ☾ LGBT+ friendly

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<🎊> A new server <πŸŽ‰> in need of staff <πŸŽ‰>16-30 <πŸŽ‰>sfw/nsfw <πŸŽ‰>verification required for nsfw <πŸŽ‰>lots of roles <πŸŽ‰> voice channels <πŸŽ‰> streaming is allowed <πŸŽ‰>lots of emojis <πŸŽ‰>nontoxic <πŸŽ‰>fun <πŸŽ‰>social <πŸŽ‰>bdsm related

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𝐧𝐬𝐟𝐰 𝐩π₯πšπ²π›π¨π² 𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐬𝐒𝐨𝐧
Welcome to the Nsfw Playboy Mansion! Are you looking for an all inclusive, NSFW community? Join us. Here you can make new friends and indulge in your daily kinky needs. We love to welcome new people to the mansion to satisfy their kinks and pleasures. (MUST BE 15+)

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Horny People Only 18+
About the server: Horny People Only is a fun active Adult BDSM server. We are looking for new members who will engage in group conversations and activities. This is a safe environment where members are allowed openly communicate about their kinks and meet like minded people. Have access to: - Self Assignable Roles - SFW General Chatrooms - Active Staff & Members - Active VC Channels -18+ Channels -Nudes/Selfie Room You must be over the age of 18 to be apart of the server and we take verification

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✨ Welcome to a Lewd Galaxy, Far Far Away~! ✨ We are a new and dedicated lewd Star Wars fanbase server. We have: ✨ Over 45 self roles to choose from! Including Kinks and Star Wars related roles. ✨ Literate and Casual Role Play ✨ Dedicated and detailed roleplay worlds ✨ Jabba's Slave Auctions ✨ Over 20 Hentai Channels ✨ Looking For Partner Category ✨ Gaming channels~ VR and Star Wars gaming ✨ Weekly events and competitions ✨ NSFW and Star Wars Emojis

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Hentai Spirit
An hentai discord for everyone to socialize, if you are looking to meet others in a friendly accepting environment you wont be disappointed to join this server. If you are really into hentai this server is also for you. We make sure to have our channels clean and active. Join us today!

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UndertaleAU Kink House
hello, feel free to be kinky

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