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Bastard Gaming
Bastard Gaming is a gaming discord where people can have a say in tournaments and events through titles such as Total War and Paradox. Our games include HOI4 , EU4 , Stellaris , Empire Total War Come Join Bastard Gaming TODAY!!

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SCIFI Multi Comms
What started as a STFC Game server, has now branched out a bit, to incorporate other games and live streamers.. feel free to request any customization for your Guild or Game of choice! Trekkers, Unite! :)

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Digimon Tamers : Daybreak
Strange happenings have been going on in the real world. The cause of which is unknown. Many Digimon have appeared and gone rampant, only to leave with no repercussions of their rampages. In response, an organisation called "T.S.A.R" has been formed, recruiting Digimon Tamers from around the globe to fight back against this despair. This server is a brand new Digimon Tamers based server, giving the members freedom of choice. Join T.S.A.R and save the world, or go Rouge and destroy it.

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Where the River Divides
GroveClan and EskerClan formed many moons ago and they've lived in these territories for generations. Many seasons have passed since the clans' creation, and now the winds of change are beginning to chill them to their bones. Will you face this strange new world like a warrior, or will you retreat into the cushy and safe life of a kittypet? The choice is yours. Join us where the river divides.

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We have: - Fun Bots - NSFW (Choice) - Anime - Manga, Manwha, Manhua - Looking to be active - Gaming - Friendly moderator team - And a helper team designed to help new members We hope you enjoy your stay in "Bakaa" and most of are laid back and chilled peeps. Don't be afraid to bring your views to the server.

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Fantasy rp (the world of Mendell)
Welcome to the world of Mendell. A fantasy chat where the only limitations to the world is everyone's combined imagination. Explore different regions, make new friends, best new enemies. Rather you are saving, conquering, or simply just staying to yourself attempt to shape the world however you imagine it. Become a knight,mage, thief, merchant, queen,king, or whatever your heart desires. Remember, the choice of how you live is entirely up to you!

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Choice of Steins Gate
A server to talk about Steins;Gate and Steins;Gate 0. Pretty small right now, but will grow more active with more members!

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hello there internet friend👋 I am the CEO and founder of LARMARIO'S PITSTOP! and we would like you to join us. we have fun games, you can search up things on Wikipedia( but are now on Discord) answer polls, throw a paper airplane, listen to your favourite Jam, order some pepperoni Pizza or whatever fast food choice. so internet friend you coming!

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Top God
Are you ready to be Top God? ------------------------------------------- Top God: A server where you select if you'd like to be a villager (who gives the god(s) of their choice power) or a god (who has to convince the villagers to give them power). If you enjoy role-play based societal servers, Top God is the place for you! At the moment we are still in testing. We're looking for active members to help us test out and give ideas to get the server ready for the actual game.

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Salience of the Divine
Welcome to Ischyros, a country made up of three lands; Haaveilla, Jouska and Sevdah. The world was first established by the Divinitas―the deities of Ischyros―and thereafter occupied by the varyas (half-magic) and magicless. The Divinitas granted Ischyros their children; half-human, with the power to summon their Divinitas ancestors’ powers, such as summoning and controlling plants, fire, or wolves. Will you be the sovereign of Jouska, or a member of the People’s Sanctum? It's all your choice.

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