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EpicSparrow Gaming
Gaming Community for all platforms for gamers who want to hangout & make friends to game with online. We have all kinds of fun gaming night events, giveaways! & all type of popular online voice chats for that game you getting into. All games welcome. All levels of skill accepted let us know your poison when it comes to gaming and come lounge with EpicSparrow.

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🔰 MTL Gaming 🔰
🔰 Well Hello There Gamers 🔰 We've put together a clan for the average gamer with an incredible community that's all about good vibes: -We collaborate to help each other improve -Most importantly our clan has a "homey" & close nit feel, we look out for one another, & we take care of each other Just looking for people that love gaming as much as we do! We accept people of all skill levels, all ages, all walks of life, and all platforms. If we sound like the right clan for you JOIN US

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🌀 ABYS 🌀
ABYS is an online community dedicated to bringing gamers together. 💥 Weekly Scheduled Community Meetups 🔔 A Looking-For-Game System That Notifies Other Members When You Want To Play ⭐ Opportunities For Advanced Assistive Roles 🤓 Learn From The Best Players 🎁 Free Prize Giveaways (Coming Soon) 👊 Friendships That Last A Lifetime 🎮 Sponsored eSports Team We think that playing your favorite games with a group of friends makes for an incredible experience and want to do our best to ensure all

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Tranquil Tavern
We're introverts looking for friends. We don't like clogged servers so we made our own. Artists, introverts, gamers, and everyone else are welcome! LGBTQA+ friendly.

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Opium Pulses
Opium Pulses is an officially partnered & verified server for gamers seeking their new online family. We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour & bizarre personalities! Since 2012 we've grown rapidly and even developed and released useful services for our members to take advantage of, you can find out more over at our website - come join the family!

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Gaming Hideouts
Looking for Gamers? Join our Server! We have a lot of nice members, moderators and bots, all just for you!

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Henlo. We're Catastic! We're a small but growing community of cat-lovers and gamers. Feel free to join us! What we offer: -Game bots! PokeTwo, Dank Memer, Idle Miner, Epic RPG and Count Bot! -Custom cat related roles and cat bots! -A fully fledged rank system with cool rewards! -Plenty of friendly cat-loving gamers just like yourself! -A channel dedicated to CATS! -100+ cat emojis and gifs! -Nitro giveaways! And much more!

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Simple Gaming
We're a fun gaming community server with different likes and backgrounds! We promote Minecraft, CS:GO, GTAV ,COD and more! An active community that you will surely like, try it out and make new friends and meet new gamers you may play with!

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Café Nation
✧・゚: ✧・゚: Welcome to Cafe Nation :・゚✧:・゚✧ Lazy Community Server Fairly Chill and Well Developed (Sorta) -ˋˏ✄┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ Looking for: ▹ Thicc Thighs ▹ Anime Tiddies ▹ Fun/Active members (not really...kinda dont care) ▹ Partnerships ▹ Just chill -ˋˏ✄┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ Key facts about this server ▹ Vast amount of nsfw stuff and cool stuff ▹ Simple voice channels ▹ Self assignable roles (Can add more if high demand) ▹ Moderators ready for anything. (Sorta)

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Fool's Chat - A Cool Place for Cool People
Our mission is to give those users an opportunity to socialize, interact, share, make new friends, and even play with each other in our gamers' area and/or in our weekly events! Engage with the community as we have so many channels to offer! We have toggleable announcements, special roles, levels and ranks, self-promotions, our own set of fun and secret commands. Join FOOL'S CHAT and be a part of our big family! We can't wait to meet you!

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