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Spill the T with Hawke and Chrissy
Safe LGBT and trans community. Custom bot; caring staff; spam and raid prevention. We release educational podcasts on trans and LGBT matters. Come join us to talk about whatever comes to mind or to seek out a supportive community. (Note: Discordbee only has access to the bot channel, so the messages analytic on the website is probably wrong)

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We are a big community/fandom based on the DC Universe. Discussions ranging from, roleplay, fan fiction, rants, theories, and much more! Get updates about the DCU!

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⊰⋆𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐋𝐌𝐒 | 18+⋆⊱
┊a pastel space aesthetic and interactive bots ┊a wholesome BDSM community ┊friendly staff ┊100 + emotes ┊events such as movies, story-time and podcasts, and DnD ┊non judgmental and safe kinky place for you ┊a currency system where you can buy custom roles,prizes and colors as well as spend at the casino ┊cgl channels & make your own VC ┊BDSM faq, chat and nswf channels

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overwatch weirdchamp
Hello gamers, idk what everyone plays but i'm sure the members all have a variety of games to play, I myself play mostly Overwatch and maybe some apex legends. We're chill, just don't be an asshole and you should be fine, also, there's r34 and memes.

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💻🎤📊 Unscripted Startups 💯🔥📲 We are US based entrepreneurship, startup, and business-related community!!! Our server is all about showcasing and discussing the real side of entrepreneurship and business, there's no such thing as getting rich quick, business takes hard work and patience.. if you would like to build and grow business venture while learning the untraditional, unscripted and unsexy part of startups and business, then this is a community for you..

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Porn central
Welcome to Porn Central ! This server is completely porn oriented. (18+ only) It is dedicated to all hardcore porn fans, if you love to discuss, jerk off and exchange the content you have then come in

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Kingdom of Valameria (slave trade and redlight district)
BDSM type server 18+ only unless you're from the UK then it's 16 Hardcore or soft it's up to you and the person you're erping with

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Pukka Network
------------------------------------------------------------------------- ╞═══╡🎮╞═══╡**Pukka Network**╞═══╡🎮╞═══╡ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only excellent, amazing and authentic gaming community! **• 🤖 Custom Discord bot. 10+ features to use such as music and fun commands! • 🔴 Never pinged. You only get pinged for what you choose with our ping roles! • 😃 Friendly community! We despise toxicity and have 24/7 moderators! • 🎉 Enter our daily giveaways to win cool prizes such as Steam games and roles! • 🗓 Take part in our events and compete with your randomly assigned team to win! • 🆙 Custom XP level system with auto-assigned ranks and activity rewards! • 💬 Active chats! We even have a custom AI chat bot that replies to our members! • 🆚 Multi-national gaming clan! Join and compete using our multiplayer servers! • 🕹 5+ 24/7 Multiplayer servers for popular games such as Minecraft/CS:GO! • 🔑 Claim a free Steam key every 24 hours! Invite people for better games! • 🛂 Steam trading! We offer Steam trading services such as middleman calls! • ✅ Emojis! Lots of fun and cool custom emojis! We even make our own emojis!** ``@everyone can get a free Steam game key worth $5 for every 5 people you invite! Don't miss out on this deal as it will only last until we reach 500 members! Just claim by direct messaging the owner of the Pukka Network Discord server!`` Join Pukka Network today for all the above and much more! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Links: | -------------------------------------------------------------------------

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ZΩH’s Heroes’ Multiverse ⭐
A Universe Where ZOI, Marvel, And DC come together to create one.... perplex creation. OCs and Canons are Allowed!

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Discord Chat Network
Discord Chat Network Join the Discord Chat Network (DCN) and connect with people around the world! ・ Fun chat I'm working hard so that participants can have fun talking! ・ 🤖 Useful Bot! You can talk happily using a lot of bots! ・ Many titles! Enjoy in many titles! ・ 📄 Various categories! You can enjoy 50+ categories with chat that suits you! Is there a category you want? Then make it yourself! Anyone with DCN can easily create their own channel! ・ Full support Requested items will be reflected in 1-7 hours! ・ Anyone is welcome! Everyone from Discord beginner to advanced is welcome! ! There are many other attractions in this server! Won't you enter? Waiting at the server ^^

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