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Nefty Ballers Official
Nefty Ballers is a basketball game that combines blockchain mechanics with web-based gameplay. The game will initially use a simple three-dimensional display built on Unity for the WAX blockchain. Nefty Ballers is our first game in a series of six games we will be making. It is an NFT collectibles basketball themed game. There will be a trading card game and an arcade game in the future, with the trading card game released first. The Nefty Ballers trading card game will have player-versus-player

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PixASCII is a collectibles’ NFT project on Flow blockchain. Pixel art and Commodore PETSCII codes create this amazing NFT art collection.

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Cryptoverse RC-Community
Croptoverse RC NFTs involves 21000 universal digital creatives that are stored in the blockchain aspired by the growing digital world. Join one of the world top universal Collectibles Discord and stand a chance to win one of the 21 Crypto Event code that are valued +0.063 ETH and more. Join the group and be one of the first to witness and collect Extraordinary cRc Creatives which are stored in a gas free Etherium Polygon Blockchain.

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Brainy Apes Society
A tale of 8,888 genetically enhanced laboratory apes 🧠🦍 BAS are genetically superior apes on a mission to save the earth. With more than 185 traits, each Brainy Ape is a unique digital collectible, living on the Ethereum blockchain, stored as an ERC- 721 token, and hosted on IPFS. The Brainy Ape collection has undergone rigorous conflict checks and satisfies rarity validation standards. Ownership of a Brainy Ape grants access to an all-exclusive membership to the world’s most elite blockchain

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ANIME MUSIC GERMAN DEUTSCH ╰─╮Hey╭─╯ Wir heißen euch willkommen (◕‿◕) Wir sind eine kleinere, aber freundliche und aktive Anime & Gaming Community. Perfekt um neue Kontakte zu knüpfen und Freunde zu finden! ➤Über uns: ⚈ eine nette und aktive Community ⚈ News über Animes ⚈ Collectible card Games (Bots: Karuta, Mudae) ⚈ weite spaßige Minigames ⚈ ein Levelsystem mit Rolerewards ⚈ ein aktives, gerechtes und freundliches Serverteam ⚈ mehrere Bots ⚈ ein ansprechendes Design ⚈ viele Emotes Falls nun dein Interesse geweckt ist erwarten wir dich mit offenen Armen auf diesem Server. Jeder ist bei uns willkommen ^o^

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Felix Animalibus
Felix Animalibus is the latin name of “Animals that bring good luck” and our entire art for this NFT project will be around those Authentic Animals 🐸🦉🪲🐞🦎🐠🐢🌈. They are non-generated 1/1 entirely hand drawn of 7777 collectible digitals (because yes it’s always about 7). Each one is unique and will be living on the Ethereum blockchain.

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Prime Matter is an Ultra HD collection of 400 unique NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. Join the Prime Matter Family and get access to a PRIM of exclusive events.

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This is the official CryptoCovids discord server, the home of the limited CryptoCovids NFT collection community, which are unique digital collectibles NFTs with proof of ownership that live on the Ethereum blockchain forever. Thank you for joining us in building an awesome community.

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CryptoServal is a game based on smart contracts running on the Ethereum blockchain, centered around breedable, collectible, and fighting creatures we call CryptoServals! Each animal is unique and owned by you. It cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed.

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