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bored !!?? ... so let's have some fun

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Hey, buddy, what's up? news politics and trends from all subjects and voice chat about politics

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JP & EN 言語Cafe
Want to learn everyday Japanese or English? We are a Japanese and English language exchange server that offers: - general channel filled with chill and fun members; - many native speakers with cheerful personalities; - experienced teachers who can help you understand better; - question channels, open 24/7 - feel free to ask anything; - voice channels, English, Japanese and also JP & EN mixed; - various learning resources for both languages; - and many exciting activities coming in the future!

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let's turn up some bulbs sharing electronics and mechanics knowledge together work on projects tutorials and videos for newbies daily voice chats and chill out and ofc a lot more

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Zen Star
A small, chill, easygoing server of weebs looking for pals to chat about a variety of Games, Anime, Visual Novels, Smash Bros. etc. And often just stupid stuff. A non-judgmental place to openly chat about anything. ⦿ Simple Layout ⦿ Gaming & Social Channels ⦿ Simple Rules (Unless you're trying on purpose) Our main vibe is to unwind, and be kind. Diversity is welcome, and anyone is free to join! -Bring memes (lots of memes)

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Aurora Lounge
? Welcome to Aurora Lounge! ? ✦》? Friendly and helpful staff ✦》? Chill place, Chill people ✦》 ? Nitro/Game Giveaways ✦》? Fun bots, Pokémon, Dank memer ✦》? Music channels to post/listen in ✦》? Media galore! Animals/memes/NSFW ✦》? Gaming channels ✦》? Meme channel ✦》 ?️ Art channel to showcase your art

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『Horizon Network』
**HORIZON NETWORK** 👀 • **Are you looking for a server that is pretty chilled, has advertisements, and events?** 👀 • Yes? well then **you’re in the right place!** **Joins us today** `Why us? We have:` - 🎈 ・4 **advertisement channels** - 🔴・Personalise yourself with **color roles** - 📢 ・Minimal pings (Self roles) - 🤖・Fun bots & Games - 💎・**Booster perks.** - 🎉・**Frequent** Giveaways. - 👤・**Friendly** staff and community. - 🖼️ ・Send your funny **Memes** - 🤝 ・Partnerships - 👦 ・SFW/Kid Friendly. - 🎮・Upcoming Minecraft Cross Play Network. `Links` - 🔗 • Banner: - 🔗 • Links: - 🔗 •

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Kaos Corpus
What up, We are an anime, gaming loving and chill community. Looking for people to play instead of playing with randoms (especially on Dota2)? Feel free to take a look and help us grow together. This a place to: - Find a group of players to play regularly - Talk about that last anime episode you just saw, and wanna discuss it with someone who likes the same anime. And “thinks” he/she knows more about said anime than you :P

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Cosy Cult
Greetings, we're the Cosy Cult! Don't worry about the name its just a bit of flavour for lore reasons. We are actually a cosy group of people wanting to make some friends, and hopefully hang out in VC and/or text chat. We love playing games, watching shows as well as having chill conversations. We have monthly events ranging from Movies or Games nights to Art plus Cooking competitions which are fun for everyone involved. Stay Cosy~

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♡ ♡
This is an mixed discord server with every Scandinavian language! We want to make an active discord server that loves to vibe and just chill. We need new active members and more staffs! You have more info down below! ⊱| Find new friends to play with! ⊱| Music! ⊱| Movie nights! ⊱| active staff and good help ⊱| Voice channels and bots ⊱| LGBTQ+ friendly ⊱| Non-toxic So what are you waiting for, join!!!

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