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High utility NFT collection 💪 We have daily news, movie nights, giveaways, and we're currently hosting a contest with a prize pool of: 🏆$150 AND FREE NFTs (FP 0.24 ETH) 🏆 Holder benefits: Daily NFT air-drops 🪂 Access to weekly whitelist raffles for other projects 🤍 YouTube shoutouts in every video to you, your project or company 🚀 Only holders will be whitelisted for the next Eggthusiasts collection 🔥  Tons of gaming server and Discord server perks and giveaways 🎁

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?╎Gay|Bi|Curious|+|Server For Chill, Chat & NSFW Share ?╎Hundreds Of Tribe, Stats, Kinks, Colour & Likes Roles ?╎Starboard ✊╎NSFW Self Content Sharing Channels & SFW ?╎Rate My D/A ?╎Music, Games & Custom Bots ?╎NSFW Reddit Feeds ?╎Giveaways ✅╎Photo-Verified Users (Optional) ?╎Video Voice Channels ?╎Seller Links Channel ?️╎30k+ Members ?╎…….Welcome, Have Fun!

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Star Universe
This is my mission and my Vision: To be a non-judgmental place, a place for those who feel they are outcast, a place where people can be themselves and not be judged, no matter what the person’s problems and issues. I am hoping to provide a place where acceptance is important and nobody will feel forgotten. Everyone will have a voice that will be heard and never ignored. Furry, non furry, LBGTQIA+, we are friendly to all, we are your stop. We enjoy everyone from far and wide.

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Shxn's Universe
Welcome to Shxn's Universe What do we offer? • A 0ne Piece Game Giveaways • Grand Piece Online Giveaways • King Legacy Giveaways • Blox Fruits Giveaways • Farming Help • Tournaments • Raids What are we looking for? • Active and Loyal Members • [We are no BM Servers]

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The Chill and Pog Hangout
"The Kingdom" Is a small server based on Memes, Gaming, And a Community of great people. We have a bunch of things for you to do here! Watch Memes for hours, Talk about Games in the Video Game chats, Talk to the other members OR even an AI! Participate in some giveaways, or even Self Advertise!* The Mods are pretty chill, so you don't have to worry about strict rules. Just join, have fun, and boom! Please consider joining, It would make my day :)

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 secret society
We are a sfw server with an aesthetic that mixes between cute pink styles and the infamous mafia! We have frequent events and giveaways. Members interested in chilling, hanging out, finding gaming partners or who like to talk should join!

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Aurora Lounge
? Welcome to Aurora Lounge! ? ✦》? Friendly and helpful staff ✦》? Chill place, Chill people ✦》 ? Nitro/Game Giveaways ✦》? Fun bots, Pokémon, Dank memer ✦》? Music channels to post/listen in ✦》? Media galore! Animals/memes/NSFW ✦》? Gaming channels ✦》? Meme channel ✦》 ?️ Art channel to showcase your art

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Hmmm, thinking🤔 about joining this server! Well here are some reasons 😉 There are many things on this server such as -self-promotion -giveaways🎉 -music🎶 -memes🐸 pick your roles👮‍♀️👮‍♂️ -event’s🎉 -art🎨 -gaming chat🎮 -Movie chat🎬 -counting and many more things! Things we promised you -Keep the server sfw👦🧒 -keep the server nice and clean -Keep the server active and many more things! Hope you take consider joining our server. Have a great day😊

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Proper Competitions | Free PSG Shirt Giveaway!
Proper competitions holds raffles/giveawasy through our discord. Come join us now!

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Let's Count
Do you love numbers, numbers, and... Uhm... numbers? 😅 Then what are you waiting for? Join us! We have some cool counting channels in our server. But we also have: 👮 Friendly staff 🔢 Lots of numbers 😉 📆 Events 🎉 Giveaways And 💠 Roles you can assign to yourself! So are you hyped about counting, and can't you wait to count? Join us! We're waiting for you 😊

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