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The largest 18+ BDSM pet-play themed server on Discord!

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The largest 18+ BDSM pet-play themed server on Discord!

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Emojis & Info
chocosnarf paddle haveatoy itsatrap DiscoBall nervous RIP InYourFace TipMe TheGoodFucc creamy ShowBobs glorious FeelsSexy FeelsGood FapTime SendNukes LewdBot spank1 collar lead handcuffs shhh SuccsBalls StrobeCross tail ears ThinksGroovy LetsGetItOn furrylove gayyy lewd spank2 squirt WTF wand tentacles FeelsBusinessman hype jiggle PeepoGreedhehe ReallyTho nut SockAwoken StaticHeart_1 chocostick aaaaahaaaaa stab RosenEyes PogChamp peepopat WhatsThis Dtown intensifies SmugWendy AhegaoKitty SexyPepe LewdThoughts wink OMG FU whenlifecagesyou yesdaddy LitCollar LitLead crabrave no_u goodgirl tripkitty PressF lulpope creampie StaticHeart_2 speakerR speakerL ThomasChecksYouOut MeguAhegao LitDick BoostPussy LitBoostPussy LitNut LitHeart FML KMS plug1 plug2 PeachPlug PeachWag RedHotScolding AndrossStalker AndrossLick ElonDoubts lies AndrossIntensifies PanAsFuck CoolDucky ThomasOnMeth ThomasTrap T800 FeelsLittle WhoPingedKupo PreachDatShit Blocked GoFast gnomed ThinksTwatty BeingFrank
Server created: 2018-06-15
Discord Region: US-EAST


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