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Lewd City
A very friendly community/anime/gaming server and other fun channels | Mature 18+ Community.

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ur mom gay
A server for lgbt/nonbinary people and every person (even heterosexual) interested in this topic. Features: - roles assigment (sex, gender, pronoun, sexual and romantic orientation) - text channels - voice channels - fun and music bots - cool community We make this place better and better everyday. We'll keep doing it forever. We are always opened for suggestions. We meet your all requirements. And we love you all. <3

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RWBY Fan Server
A super casual, fun, community-based RWBY server. Join us as we share our favorite fanarts, fanfics, gifs, clips, you name it! We have dedicated channels for RWBY-related discussion as well as off-topic casual chat, and much more! We have just added Daily Question and Weekly Discussion prompts as well, and are doing occasional giveaways! Join your favorite character's team (or teams!) and rock their signature color as you chat.

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very big 18+ server 75,000+ members with 24 7 active chats and VC friendly and social community chill and fun focused NSFW server with many lewd nsfw channels such as - NUDES - giveaways - porn - hentai - hookups - dating - music - roleplay rp also anime gaming good emojis or emotes a Pokemon bot and other

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Yoake Café 🌄
♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡ °。°。°。°。°。°。°。゜。°。°。°。 【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】 Welcome to Yoake Café! A Japanese café themed discord server! Here in our small community we have: ゚*☆*゚50+ assignable roles so you can customize yourself however you like! ゚*☆*゚Many different chat channels including QOTD and FOTD! ゚*☆*゚Many fun bots! ゚*☆*゚Partnerships! ゚*☆*゚Aesthetically pleasing channels and roles! ゚*☆*゚A kind and wholesome staff team! (Currently looking for mods too!) ゚*☆*゚And much more!

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Luigi Gang
Fun community for Luigi, and all Nintendo fans alike! Get together and play games, chat in the server, post memes, catch pokemon, level up in the server, and much more! Join Luigi Gang for a fun time! - Luigi

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(NOT - SO) Secret Base
Welcome To (NOT - SO) Secret Base This Discord Server Is Where You Can Socialize With People That Has The Same Interest As You. For Example We Offer: ❖Anime and Manga Discussion ❖Fps Games Discussion ❖RPG/Gacha Games Discussion ❖Music ❖Non - Toxic Server ❖A Very Chill And Cool Members ❖Voice Channels ❖Light NSFW ❖Fun Bots And All Of That Other Good Stuff! So Join Now!

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Atlantis City
╔═════════════╗       🌊 Atlantis City🌊 ೋღ ೋღ ೋღ ೋღWelcome to Atlantis city. We welcome new members to come to this beautiful city, that has been discovered by a couple of villages. Atlanta city is a lewd city that isn't any rules to follow. ೋღ ೋღ🌊 we also have hentai, gaming, partnerships, and more. Events, a fun little community, well what else could you ask for?🌊 ೋღ ೋღ🌊Fun & Mature Community ೋღ 🌊Events ೋღ🌊 Hentai ೋღ🌊Bot fun ೋღ🌊Self Assignable roles ೋღ🌊Art ೋღ 🌊Gaming

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Newly created server with the idea of growing a good community, maybe new friendships will be made while discussing interesting topics or anything that is in your mind. It's a clean server with no explicit content with a casual approach to things like going to your local coffee and share some stories/experiences with the good folk, no drama needed. Join if you're interested and thank you.

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Minecraft - FRANCE
Bonjour, je vous présente le serveur "Minecraft - FRANCE" pour toutes les plateformes Dans ce serveur tu trouveras ce qu'il faut pour progresser, faire tes défis et monter une équipe sur Minecraft ! Et c'est multi-plateformes ! **1 )** Du mode Survie, Créatif et Mini-jeux **2 )** Des quiz pour améliorer ta culture générale **3 )** Des autoroles pour plus de facilité d'accès **4 )** De la musique pour se divertir **5 )** Des niveaux personnalisés **6 )** Des Mini-Jeux Et bien plus ! Plus

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