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Controversial Hangout
Small resident area for a bunch of programmers to discuss non-programming stuff especially technology in the context of politics, censorship etc. We welcome any view points or interesting but juicy unpopular opinions. You will not be stopped/censored unless you put literal shit out of your keyboard, even we have some standards. honk! honk!

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losers club
This server is extremely friendly and a safe space for anyone! We are pretty small right now but we are hoping to grow in the future~ We hope you enjoy your stay if you join!

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Xenia [ERP/RP/18+]
Welcome to Xenia! This is a small server slowly growing to be large and strong for people's desire to meet up and hang together with a plot behind the ER/ERP. It may be small right now but that can change with the help of the Players and experience something great if you are into Public ERP/RP!

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Medieval Discord
Discord Medieval Realistic Roleplay 📜Realistic alternative history 💰Economy ⚔️Paths (Peasants, Soldiers, Clerics, Merchants and Nobles) 🤖Unique custom-made bot with: 🏷️Stuff like a character creator ⚔️Combat ❤️Health ⭐XP System(custom) 👮Friendly staff and detailed rules 💕Welcoming community and active VC as well as OOC chat 🎲Frequent small and large scale events! 🎵Medieval Music bot Medieval Discord's lore is set in 12th century Europe but with a twist!

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night train retreat
A small, themed server to relax, connect and share experiences.

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Science and Technology
Science and Technology is an Official Discord Partner as well as one of the leading Discord scientific community. What originally started off as a small private community for sharing scientific discussion grew well into a society with over 10,000+ members and more growing every days. Our members range from high schoolers, college students, postgraduates, as well as people from different background!

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Yoake Café 🌄
♡━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♡ °。°。°。°。°。°。°。゜。°。°。°。 【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】★【☆】 Welcome to Yoake Café! A Japanese café themed discord server! Here in our small community we have: ゚*☆*゚50+ assignable roles so you can customize yourself however you like! ゚*☆*゚Many different chat channels including QOTD and FOTD! ゚*☆*゚Many fun bots! ゚*☆*゚Partnerships! ゚*☆*゚Aesthetically pleasing channels and roles! ゚*☆*゚A kind and wholesome staff team! (Currently looking for mods too!) ゚*☆*゚And much more!

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Artists Corner
This is a small server, starting out as a small art community, with artists there to support each other and help each other grow.

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Welcome to Three Houses, a server about the newest Fire Emblem game! We welcome new and old fans of the game series, and hoping to grow our small, positive and supportive community up into a big one. We also welcome regular Discord members that just want a place to go and hang out in. We have many channels open for discussions, art and writing postings, rant and support channels, and of course, memes. The server has plenty of voice channels as well, and fun bots!

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Queer Hell 18+
Welcome to Queer Hell, we're an LGBTQIA+ server that is here to create a fucking fun, free and welcoming community! We're still a small server but we're looking forward to welcoming all you motherfuckers and become great friends. No bullshit is allowed but feel free to curse like crazy :D

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