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The Overgrowth
⋐▬ ? ▬⋑ The Overgrowth ⋐▬ ? ▬⋑ The Overgrowth is a studio headquartered on ROBLOX. Our goal is to create a flow of high quality products such as games, clothing, literature, music and other various content. Our first official game will be based around a post-apocalyptic Canada ruined by fast-growing mutant plants. People have been forced to survive without the laws of humanity, but with the laws of the jungle. The key elements of the game will be roleplaying, gathering resources, gaining currency, PVE, PVP, joining factions and getting the best gear in order to survive in the harsh environment. ? ⋐▬▬⋑ Positions & Programs ⋐▬▬⋑ ? We strive to be a point of interest for everyone. Builders, scripters, mesh designers, GUI artists, ROBLOX animators, authors, programmers, singers, rappers, SFX creators, voice actors, musicians, GFX artists, illustrators, graphic designers, animators, clothing designers, streamers, youtubers, come here together to show off their work and promote, or sell their products at our Service Program. Event managers, partner managers, marketers, sales associates and interns assure the welfare, entertainment, and growth of our community. Still didn't see a position that suits you? You can appeal to create a role that fits you, even a department! Besides the various professions we offer, we have many programs too. One of our most successful, and enhanced programs is our 'Partnership Program'. Our Partnership Program offers servers to partner with us every 48 hours. Servers who partner with us every 48 hours for around a month will receive free premium partnership. More info about it can be found at our server. ⋐▬▬⋑ ⋐▬▬⋑ ⋐▬▬⋑ Cretus est ut supercreturus esse. Grown to outgrow.

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