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software engineer
Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand ......... coding$ programming$ C++$ software$ android$ apk$ web-dev$ C#$ javascript$ java$ rust$ projects$ application$ education$ help$ chill$ chat$ VC$ community$

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Learn C++
Learning C++ we also recently added Rust and Python (and Java) participate in projects weekly tutorials making games and software daily Voice chats about programming

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Votes: 37 ➣ Premium Hosting
We offer Minecraft server hosting, Discord bot server hosting, and more all powered by our high-performance I9-9900K nodes! CentroNodes is a premium hosting service that offers many servers such as Minecraft (Java, Bedrock), Proxies, Discord Bots, and much more! It is only 1$ for 100 coins and only requires a monthly payment based on the resources you use!

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Join a fun guild for programming help and talk. Python, Java, C#, Kotlin and all other languages welcome. If you need some help for your next programming project, or just want to chat about programming in general, this is the place to be.

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SumCat SMP
The official SumCat SMP Discord server, we have weekly events, Minecraft server updates, and an active community! We also have a little bit of server lore added if you're interested in stuff like that.

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teamteam- server
hey so you look for friends to play with, me too. this why I created this discord server! we can play MINECRAFT ROBLOX & CSGO minecraft java edition* & (maby be a minecraft server later)

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Saltper SMP MC
Hi guys, we have a minecraft smp server for tlauncher and we are searching for members you can make new friend in our server our server is friendly and you can enjoy about the server : 1.19 java edition and bedrock edition

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Gilsan's Discord
Hi! My name's Gilsan. I'm a small Twitch streamer who runs a Discord Server with a friendly, welcoming community. If you're looking to make friends, play Minecraft with others, or simply hang out, Gilsan's Discord is the place for you! We have: ?Bot grinding channels ?Friendly Non Toxic community ?A Minecraft Java community SMP We are: ✅Fully SFW ?Partnering ?‍?LGBTQ+ friendly

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HEY! are you a codefreak who wants to be a member of a growing community of other programmers wich help eachother? participate in this server! This is the place where we help eachother with many different problems in all sorts of programming languages! Current Codinglanguages: - Java - Python - C - C# - Scratch - html You can ALWAYS suggest an other language to be added! See you there!

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Koders | Code & Tech
Koders is a friendly community for all coders, tech lovers, designers, and everyone else! One of the most diverse role selections for your programming languages, work types, hobbies, and much more. ? We recently relaunched, freshly rebuilt & modern features. **? Our current channels & topics** ? General / Tech talk / Dev chat / Project showcase / Gaming ⌨️ Language channels for C#, C/C++, Java, Python, Lua, & Assembly. Channel for other languages too, and we will expand by demand. ? Web development: JavaScript, HTML/CSS, PHP, & Web hosting ➕Help & questions / Data & Algorithms / Security Infosec And more!

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