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White Tea
~ Do you play Minecraft, Osu!, or even LoL? Or, are you an anime fan? ~ If so, then come join us in ☕️White Tea☕️! ~ We have Pokécord! ~ We have OwO bot! ~ We even have Baron and Hypixel bot! ~ Tired of toxic people too? Then come join us! ~ For League of Legends, we focus on NA, EUW, and EUNE regions but anyone is welcome! ~ This is a friendly server and we support anyone and do not discriminate against anyone! ~~ Oh and also, White Tea is good for you.

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Hytale Hub
Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity on the best Hytale Discord ! Hytale is a new game from Hypixel Studios. Hytale game updates, news & more

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Hypixel Skyblock [UNOFFICIAL]
A Hypixel Skyblock discord with active people and helper. Also some giveaways :)

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Hypixel Tournaments©
Hypixel Tournaments, every weekend!

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