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Votes: 46 ➣ Premium Hosting
We offer Minecraft server hosting, Discord bot server hosting, and more all powered by our high-performance I9-9900K nodes! CentroNodes is a premium hosting service that offers many servers such as Minecraft (Java, Bedrock), Proxies, Discord Bots, and much more! It is only 1$ for 100 coins and only requires a monthly payment based on the resources you use!

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Votes: 201
PNW is a community server with a focus on current events and topics concerning the Pacific Northwest region of America and Canada In addition to that, we also host music sharing and discussion rooms, memes, discord bots, and much, much more! So whether you're currently living in the region, originally come from the PNW, or are just generally curious about this specific part of the world, join PNW today!

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Votes: 193 - Multiple hosted servers all F2P and no P2W! Black Ops 2 Zombies/Multiplayer servers (will add world at war and black ops 1 servers soon) Minecraft servers!

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Votes: 201
Las Vegas Hangout
Hey there! We are a Las Vegas-based server built in May 2022. Our server is open to all locals and tourists. We hosts meetup events with people who share similar interests such as hiking, food trips, movies, game nights, and more. Our goal is to build a friendly, fun, and positive community where everyone can meet new people, hang out, talk about the news or current affairs, games, anime, or anything else under the sun, and cultivate meaningful friendships. Come hang out with us!

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Votes: 97
Guilty is a community server that is a place for unique individuals to meet, express themselves, and to make friends. We host weekly events, such as movie night, where everyone is welcomed to join. We also do giveaways quite often so be sure to join ;)

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👋 | VoxelNodes 🟢 | Get your projects online stress free by making account under 5 minutes. The best premium hosting with plans that matches everyone! 🔌 | Free and Paid hosting. ⚡ | Simple, yet powerful control by providing one click installers for mod-packs in your server and plugin manager to install plugin by just one click! 🆘 | 24/7 Host and 24/7 Premium Support! 🌐 |

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Votes: 1
🍻The Gay Tavern🍻
The Gay Tavern Is A 18+ LGBTQ+ Friendly Role-Play Server We're beginner and experienced friendly, as we offer to teach those how to properly role-play, create characters, and how to place them into a story line, while also hosting our own assortment of stories for people to participate in! We also offer one-on-one role-playing and dm group role-plays!

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GTA Rally
This discord is dedicated to all the rally enthusiasts. Trying to host a rally race in GTA is difficult, once they do join if at all, you leave them in the dust with no competition. Here is a place for all of us to challenge and race properly through the dust, dirt, and asphalt for the win! If this is something for you, then please consider joining, it only works with the community! [SIDENOTE] This server is brand spanking new so please invite and spread the word to all your rally friends.

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Jared's  Bunker Discord
We hail from a great Skype exodus of roleplaying friends from that platform to Discord in 2017. The Bunker since then has grown to host and support a variety of fandoms such as Sonic, Warhammer, Star Wars, Fallout, Mario, and Pokemon. We are very roleplay friendly and have tupperbot set up. We also have various channels for roleplaying, gaming, artwork, character creation, music, history, and a vent channel. We also have filtered adult sections that are reserved for our older members.

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Votes: 20
Public Speaking Buddies
Join our friendly community for public speakers of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned Toastmasters. ✨ Get free public speaking practice ? Share and receive feedback on presentations, interviews, virtual meetings, etc. ? Connect with speech coaches ? Attend virtual events ? Hosted by Speeko (

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