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The Gregcord Server
The Gregcord Server is NOT the official Danny Gonzalez discord, but a nice little community of Gregs none the less. You can chat with fellow Gregs about all things Danny Gonzalez (as well as other interests), get notified when Danny posts new content (optionally ofc) and even play Gartic Phone with us every once in a while! We do our best every day to make it a safe and welcoming community. If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, come join us! Hope to see you around ✨

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OTV Fanbase server (Fanmade)
Are you a fan of OTV (Offline TV)?, I have taken it into my own hands to make an unofficial fanbase of OTV. If you join, you will be notified for every stream of every OTV member, fanart, and much more. If your not going to be somewhat active, that is fine :)

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Hexagon HQ
A fanmade server for all those fellow Hexagonians seeking a place to come together! Join a meet your fellow Hexagonians!

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