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The Tavern Video Calls
Our server is for one thing: group videocall parties. We're about fun, friendship and collaboration. We talk on business, music/art/creative projects. Usually we just chat. Our calls are parties, where you see and hear everyone because we're all on-cam. RULES: Face on cam Adults only (18+) Good sound

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The Pineapple Lounge
Whalecum to discord's latest and quirkiest NSFW dungeon. The Pineapple Lounge Its a place you get to explore your kinks, your fun troll side and learn BDSM, Shibari etc from some of the best there are on the internet. We have: 24x7 active chats Endless male and Female nudes Verification lock Fun bots and drinking games Partnership opportunities Opportunities for Sellers And many more Join us now and explore the kinkiness with in

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Gaming Lounge
[21+][LGBT Friendly][Bunch of weebs][Bored and Drinking][ We don't sleep][Please be the type of person that shovels snow for their elderly][Movie Nights/Game Nights][Mostly Canadians/Some Americans/Occasional Australians] [Super Chill group, No BS.]

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Welcome to Speakeasy. An 18+ place to meet new people and speak unfiltered. We are an active community in both text and voice channels that has memes; monthly giveaways; is 420 and drinking friendly; movie nights; game nights; and more! We hope you'll join in on the fun so we can get to know you a little better!

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✿ 𝟏𝟗𝟖𝟒 ✿
SEVENTEEN AND UP FOR MATURE THEMES 🔪 it is 1984, the year of music connection, rock, colorful clothing, and drinking until your heart's content. When invited to a camp where tragedy had struck years before, the owner of the camp is trying to redeem the place as a good wholesome place where people can truly bond and you are set to help put this plan in action. Little do the counselors know, that the camp has two serial killers running around the premises.

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