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Internet Homies 🌐
A PLACE TO BE YOURSELF! 😁 Heyo, I'm ollie 👋🏾 I recently created a server called Internet Homies 🌐 with my homies and we need more homies... so if you wanna be our new homie and make homies, don't be shy. Join the homies and make new homies in my server called Internet Homies 🌐. Can't wait to meet you, homie. 🙃 The Internet Homies Discord Server includes: 👾 Server Games 😂 Memes Chat 💮 Anime Chat 🎮 Gaming Chat 🎶 Music Lounge 🤖 Fun Bots AND MANY MANY MORE! 😁 (16+ ONLY)

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Anime Gacha
A place to play gacha games together, and share game-related lewd stuff such as wallpapers, artwork, cosplay, etc.

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Hangout club
Hello there you have been invited to Hangout club · · ───────────────── ✥ ───────────────· · · We provide...... · · ───── ✥ ───── · · • Fun times · · ───── ✥ ───── · · • Great people · · ───── ✥ ───── · · • Active people · · ───── ✥ ───── · · • Events · · ───── ✥ ───── · · • Movie nights · · ───── ✥ ───── · · • Etc… join to find out more · · ───── ✥ ───── · ·

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quickie, a social aesthetic server that's dedicated to compiling aesthetic emotes & providing unique chatting experiences! ‎ 🍇 ⸝⸝ about us ♡ᵎ ໒꒱ 450+ emotes to use ໒꒱ social aesthetic server ໒꒱ inclusive community ໒꒱ anime waifus n' thighs ໒꒱ mudae, dank memer, pokérealm, & more ໒꒱ category dedicated to gifs, icons, n' aesthetic

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Anime is Сute
{Welcome to the Anime is cute Server! There are lots of friends you'll be meeting. An honest and fair-minded server owner! Here you can discuss about anime, mangas, or any sorts you like. We do not discriminate by color, by race and we are against any kinds of racism. Come on! Join us! We're waiting for our next guest! :) See you there! (。>ω<。) We offer tons of entertainments: ╰⟶ Mudae bot ╰⟶ Koya bot ╰⟶ OWO bot ╰⟶ Snoob bot ╰⟶ Anime memes ╰⟶ NSFW channel ╰⟶ Music bots ╰⟶ The latest anime news

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Otaku Dating
Der offizielle Discord-Server zu Otaku Dating. Otaku Dating ist eine kostenlose Dating- und Freundfinder-Community für Otakus, Cosplayer und Gamer aller Art. Bei uns könnt ihr euch über alle möglichen Themen unterhalten. Wenn Ihr gerne mehr erfahren möchtet, schaut doch einfach mal vorbei. ;)

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The Vortex
Hello! Welcome to The Vortex Community! We are a server with an active community that loves playing games, watching movies, memes, anime, and listening to music! Reasons To Join Our Server: • Memes, Anime, Gaming, and Movies Chat • Custom Roles! • Custom Emojis! • Tons of bots! • Fun bots (Dank Memer, Counting, Pokétwo, Epic RPG, and Economy) • Active and fair mods! • Music Bots

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Come and join Anigarden A fun and wholesome community that is active and looking for new members to expand our community. With so much to do I am sure you will enjoy it here, with fun members and staff around you will never be bored! This fun anime and manga based server has so much to offer and we are always looking for new suggestions on ways to improve and make this a friendly and rememberable community.

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The Hentai Heaven
Hey there! Looking for hentai servers? We have NSFW small server for NSFW,hentai,roleplay,talk,have fun. So yeah join our server if you want to.

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nae nae killua 🐴🌲
Hi there! If these are the tags you’re looking for, then please consider joining! (although the server is under construction) It’s completely free and you can leave whenever you want! But that’ll make us sad...Anyways thx for joining!! ILYSM!! and um you can invite your friends so it won’t be that boring hehe😅🥲

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