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The Chill and Pog Hangout
"The Kingdom" Is a small server based on Memes, Gaming, And a Community of great people. We have a bunch of things for you to do here! Watch Memes for hours, Talk about Games in the Video Game chats, Talk to the other members OR even an AI! Participate in some giveaways, or even Self Advertise!* The Mods are pretty chill, so you don't have to worry about strict rules. Just join, have fun, and boom! Please consider joining, It would make my day :)

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halo completion
a laid-back community with very little rules, centered around helping eachother get Halo achievements for MCC, 5, Infinite, Wars, Spartan Assault and Spartan Strike

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Queens Dating [18+]
Queens Dating 18+ ◦ Friends ◦ Gaming Buddies ◦ Roleplaying ◦ Fun Channels and more. What is Queens Dating about? It is about the people in it, every one is nice and welcomes everyone! ❤️ 130+ self roles! 🗃️ Lots of profiles with an easy system to make them. 🆔 Quick and easy optional selfie- and age verification. 🔍 Searching channels to find just what you are looking for. 💕 Smash or Pass. 🤳 Selfies. ✍️ Art Section. 🤖 Fun bot commands. ✨ Roleplaying. 💝 And more.

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Musicians and Enthusiasts
Musicians and Enthusiasts was created as a space for 18+ music lovers to come together, network, and inspire. Get in here and have a good time with us. We have members music channels, practice reminders, qotd, games, and more! 《 Community 》 Collaborate with other music artists, get feedback, join a band, or just chat with us about your day! 《 Member Music 》 We have dedicated channels for all your music productions. Share your page, new releases, singles, and covers! 《 Entertainment 》 Listen to other music artists and get involved in our weekly VC events and monthly challenges! 《 Resources 》 Get practice reminders, support, browse our resource channel, and learn from one another!

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UpCrib is a collective space where we share our creations. Whether that'd be music, art , film, cgi, photography, clothing, etc. The door is open for any artist to promote their work. UpCrib as well hosts UCRP (UpCrib Roleplay) for FiveM users. UCRP contains an immersive world ran on a modded version of GTA V's game engine also known as 'FiveM'. Instead of having it based in Los Angeles like most servers, there are 4 additional cities: New York, Miami, San Francisco & Las Vegas all interconnected for an experience like no other.

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🎀 secret s🌺ciety 🎀
We are a sfw server with an aesthetic that mixes between cute pink styles and the infamous mafia! We have frequent events and giveaways. Members interested in chilling, hanging out, finding gaming partners or who like to talk should join!

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Shy Peeps ☁
✦․⁺☁⊹˚ʚ The Shy Peeps ☁ server is a friendly, 18-21, gender-neutral community for introverts, shy individuals, and all to feel heard, seen, and accepted!! ɞ˚﹕೨˚₊ Here on the Shy Peeps ☁ ˘͈ᵕ˘͈ server, we have: 🧸ʚfun channelsɞ 🎮ʚgaming channelsɞ 🎧ʚmusic channelsɞ 🗣️ʚvent channelsɞ 🌈ʚcolor rolesɞ 🔔ʚping rolesɞ 👤ʚself rolesɞ 🤝ʚpartnershipsɞ 💌ʚother channelsɞ and more..... ʚYou don't have to be timid or shy to join this server!ɞ Enjoy your time on the Shy Peeps ☁️ ˘͈ᵕ˘͈ server!

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Harvest Cabin🍂🔪
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ Harvest Cabin  ୨ ​​══════════════════ ୧ Pumpkin Night + Autumn/Fall ┃【】• Partnerships ┃【】• Chill | SFW community ┃【】• Bots ┃【】• Self roles ​┃【】• Many more What We're Looking For ┃【】• Partnerships ┃【】• Boosters ┃【】• Active members ┃【】• Suggestions ​┃【】• Custom Emojis  ୨ ​​══════════════════ ୧

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Koishi Union
THE hub for everything Koishi Komeiji from Touhou Project! We offer: 🎩 LVL 3 boosted SFW server with 510+ Koishi & fumo emotes and stickers 💚 channels for Koishi media: images (13.000+ daily posts), gifs, Koisheep, KKHTA, memes, music, videos, neko Koishi... 👁️ automatic Koishi feeds from Youtube, Danbooru, Pixiv, Twitter, Reddit and Deviantart 💛 friendly and inclusive community (over 1k messages per day) and regular events Share your love and appreciation for the pebble and all of Touhou!

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TeddyBeertjuhh | Community
Zoek jij een gezellige Nederlandse server? Dan ben jij zeker welkom in TeddyBeertjuhh __ 📣︱Positieve punten op TeddyBeertjuhh: ❤️︱Een vriendelijk en sociaal staffteam. 🧡︱Kiesbare rollen. 💛︱Daily events. 💚︱LGBT+ Friendly. 💜︱Geen giftige gemeenschap. 🤍︱We zoeken heel graag naar partners. 📣︱Join ons vandaag! 🔗︱ 🔗︱

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