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🌸 Viosmic's Fishbowl 🌸
What is your passion? Whether it be anime (and waifus), rhythm games, music, or staring at the sky on a Sunday, our Fishbowl welcomes all fish in the sea! Join our little family today!

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Amethyst Aurora
Amethyst Aurora is a community dedicated to gaming, media, and socializing. We have roles for 8 games so far and more will be added upon popular request. While gaming is our top priority, socializing and creating a community where more then one hobby is all welcome in one spot. The games Aurora is dedicated to so far are 1. Minecarft 2. Escape from Tarkov 3. Rust 4. CSGO 5. Rainbow 6 THIS SERVER IS SAFE FOR WORK. NSFW IS NOT ALLOWED! :)

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A Friendly Place
Around 300 members, currently. A small SFW place for making friends. To come online and talk when you feel like it.

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We are a PS4 gaming community whose primary focus is on GTA 5 but we also provide equal support for the hottest games such as Apex legends, fortnite, warframe, BO4, anthem etc. Our server has a clean design as we like to keep things simple and precise, not to mention bots and rewards for member activity. Come join us and improve your gaming experience!

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D̸̽̐ã̶̛t̶̹́i̴̇͗n̴͓̅g̴͋̕ ̴̈́̕D̶͔̈́e̷̊̿n̶̈́͊
W̷̠̽ě̷̦ḻ̵͘c̵̪̑ó̶͔m̶͍̄e̸̤͒ ̷͚͂t̷̮̎ó̴̖ ̶͈͠t̶̺́h̵̟̑e̴͖̾ ̶̼̚D̴̮́ã̸̰t̶̯̽i̸̝͗ǹ̴͍g̷͍̐ ̶̻̿Ď̷̙ė̸̠n̶͇͗ ☆This is a small server aimed at bringing poeple toghter☆ ☆Find friends, a special someone or just other to hangout with☆ ☆We have all of those things for u to enjoy ur stay: ☆Tons of different giveaways, games, nitro u name it!☆ ☆Lots of chat bouncers and mods to keep it safe and fun☆ ☆Channels for lewd pics (swf)☆ ☆Lotsssss of fun bots and emotes☆ ☆Small but fun community c:☆ ☆Hope to see u

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The Galactic Room
The Galactic Room server is public to everyone and accepts all gaming platforms.People will come together from time to time start a stream or play some games. Proud Dank Memer Bot owner Laid Back people to have fun with and really start a convo maybe Supports all games Here to have fun

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Opium Pulses
Opium Pulses is an officially partnered & verified server for gamers seeking their new online family. We're a laid back bunch with a stupid sense of humour & bizarre personalities! Since 2012 we've grown rapidly and even developed and released useful services for our members to take advantage of, you can find out more over at our website - come join the family!

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Flight of Dragons
Flight of Dragons is a friendly roost of friends and would love to add more to the list :3 A lovely place for everyone to play games, roleplay, share art, find artists, discuss topics but most importantly meet and make new wonderful friends. With our very own mascot, Techie :> So we hope to see you all there to spend a great time together and have fun. Rawwr.

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(NOT - SO) Secret Base
Welcome To (NOT - SO) Secret Base This Discord Server Is Where You Can Socialize With People That Has The Same Interest As You. For Example We Offer: ❖Anime and Manga Discussion ❖Fps Games Discussion ❖RPG/Gacha Games Discussion ❖Music Discussion ❖Non - Toxic Server ❖A Very Chill And Cool Members ❖Voice Channels (we do this occasionally) ❖Light NSFW ❖Fun Bots ❖The Dankest Of Memes And Anime Memes And All Of That Other Good Stuff! So Join Now!

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Bastard Gaming
Bastard Gaming is a gaming discord where people can have a say in tournaments and events through titles such as Total War and Paradox. Our games include HOI4 , EU4 , Stellaris , Empire Total War Come Join Bastard Gaming TODAY!!

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