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Chibiusa Video Club
Share your favorite audio & video! Promote your YouTube channel, Twitch stream, or podcast! Enjoy streaming radio, offensive memes, prank calls, & anime lewds!

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The Nest and Stable Café
We're a 18+ community server that caters to bronies and furs alike. Our server includes SFW and NSFW content like Chat, Video game, Art and Meme channels. Aswell it includes a welcoming and friendly community! Come on down and join us, We would like to see you there!

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NSFW Lounge
This server is an NSFW server where you can share or request all types of NSFW Pictures, videos, gifs, or NSFW art that you have created! Whether its from anime, games you like (fortnite, league, overwatch, etc.) and discuss things that are generally NSFW aswell with hopefully a community that will grow and always have a place to post what they want and discuss what they want! This is a place for people who enjoy sharing pictures or gifs with others!

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Sir Izaak's Gummy Trap 21+
MOST ACTIVE Diverse Global Social Cannabis Community for those seeking a online cannabis sanctuary. Our Motto is "Never Smoke Alone" so we do our best to ensure that 24/7 there is someone to talk to in chats. We help bring stoners together from all over the world for mental health, by providing a resource for non-hostile social engagement. Cheers! Much Love to the GummyTrap!!! ------Welcome to the Dankest Place on Discord------- -We provide a non-hostile, drama free, online sanctuary for cannabis smokers all across the world -Helping people come together and interact with each other via voice and video chats. We call it,"The Virtual Couch"

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Pukka Network
:100: **__Pukka Network__** :100: :tada: 6+ Giveaways a day! :tada: :calendar_spiral: 2+ Events a week! :calendar_spiral: :robot: Custom made bot! 10+ Features! :robot: :play_pause: YouTube and Twitch shoutouts! :play_pause: :construction_worker: Active and helpful staff! :construction_worker: :video_game: Automated free game links! :video_game: :pen_ballpoint: Self-assignable roles! :pen_ballpoint: :newspaper: Automated game patch notes! :newspaper: :key: Daily steam key drops! :key: :bar_chart: Daily polls! @everyone :bar_chart: :game_die: **__Minecraft, CS:GO, Insurgancy Game Servers!__** :game_die:

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You like Rap and Beatbox? This is the perfect place for you! E-RAP is a Discord server dedicated to Rap and Beatbox battles. Get ready for the selections! On E-RAP, you can train, participate or attend a battle. We welcome Rappers, Beatboxers, Producers, Beatmakers or simply spectators and curious people! - Training channels - Battles channels - Memes/videos/images - Tatsumaki/Rythm We are also looking for staff members (moderators, hosts, jury, partners...).

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UwU Central
Do you want to find friends? Discuss interesting topics? Play videogames and online board games? Share memes, photos, art, and music? Then "UwU Central" is the server you were looking for! Here you can do all of the above and more

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Giantess Jumangi
In this discord server you can challenge several boards that various video game and anime characters are in charge of and as you play on the boards you will shrink and they will crush you, eat you, sit on you, and do many other things to you. Will you make it to the end of the board or will you die in some humiliating way.

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Fantasy Club
A casual hangout server for geeks of all kinds to chat. Fans of things like cartoons, video games, anime; and creators of those things; artists, animators, game designers, storytellers, whatnot. If you'd like to chat or show of your creations, then hop in the server. We also do community stuff like gaming and art contests. P.S. We love Nintendo, if you have a switch, prepare to have lots of friends to play with.

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The Sloths
The Sloths, is a Discord server to talk to other people about video games, anime, or anything really! Join The Sloths to meet some really nice and chill people!

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