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Scambait Heaven
Hello, this server is focused mainly on fucking with Scammers that are trying to make a living by fucking over other people ;)

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We got different kinds of music We got irc We got games We got roleplay We got educational weather We got homework help We got friendly staff and friendly members We a support group We got fortnite We got a place for love seeking and finding relationships plus dating and realtionship help, advice and consulting. So much more We need the love and support

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Project Scambaiting
Looking for a medium sized community of scambaiters? Looking for help with virtual machines? Looking for help calling scammers? Do you just want to chill? Well, our server is the perfect place for you. Here we have all kinds of bots for entertainment(Rythm, GamesROB) and usually at least 20 people online! We will see you there!

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FreeRBX.GG - Earn Free ROBUX
Have you ever wondered how to get free ROBUX without giving someone your password and get scammed? Well, you've came to the right place! Earn FREE ROBUX by completing surveys and downloading apps. COMPLETELY FREE! We do not ask for your ROBLOX cookie, nor password. We host A LOT of ROBUX giveaways too! Site: Discord:

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The Fortnite Marketplace
Welcome to The Fortnite - MarketPlace # One of the best Market today ' Why should you join? ' - We purge all the scammers -We rep all the legit people -We give everyone the opportunity to amount to something within the server

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Charge Markets
Charge markets is invested in the trusted and well being of all types of games, for selling. We have a lot of choices for games you may play and be interested in buying or selling cosmetics in that game. We take 0% commission for a seller and 0% commission from the buyer. We are just here for the safety of your money/items. What we offer: Trusted middleman and trusted roles depending on how many successful deals they have had. Charge Markets is dedicated with making the community as scammer free as possible. We accept all types of payment methods. Games we currently support: Minecraft, Roblox, COD, CSGO, Fortnite, and much more. Anything can be sold here on charge markets. Minecraft servers, Cape accounts, Fortnite accounts, CSGO skins, Roblox groups and anything that you recommend we will add.

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STW Trading [PVE] ™
Our main goal is to establish a friendly community for people who enjoy playing Fortnite Save The World. ▬〖👑Features👑〗▬ General: Giveaways 🎉 Reputation System 📈 Rank Progression 🕵 Middle-Man Services 🤵 Reporting System ⛔ General Discussion 💬 Fast Support 📝 Save the World: Trading 💸 Guides & Tutorials All scammers banned Storm Chest Help SSD Help War games **PRICE CHECKER** Trusted shops Shops 👜 Taxi Service 🚕 Farming 💱 Crafting Mission help SCAMMERS LIST SSD Defense & Building �

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Hijinks Hangout
Hijinks prank call discord chatroom is a community focused around people with a love for prank calls and comedy. Here's what we have to offer: • 24/7 Prank Call Archive (Listen to all day prank radio featuring both classic and current prank calls.) • Live Show Notifications (Get notified by our bot whenever someone is streaming prank calls.) • Variety of Topics (We aren't just pranks, discuss your favorite music, games, and more.)

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