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30+ International
You must over 30 to join this server. This isn't a server for dating/hooking-up! We're here to discuss philosophy, personality typology, books (we have a book club you can join), & partake in weekly guided meditation. We have dedicated channels for: book club, philosophy (Alan Watts, Taoism, Buddhism, etc.), weekly guided meditation, personality typology, member-nominated movie night, interactive server games (D&D, CAH, Pokétwo, etc.), karaoke night, voice chat sessions, & etc. so come say hi!

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Cloudees is the first NFT Comic Book & Cartoon Series coming to the Ethereum blockchain, earn passive income from sales made with your NFT when it is featured in our comic book series, digital cartoon series on YT and in any Cloudees merch or advertising.

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Numberless Digital
We are a community of developers, creators, artists, gamers and all friendly digital dwellers. We've all come together to learn from each other. No matter what level, all are welcome to join in the conversation on our server, where if there isn't a place for you we'd like to help make one.

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The Academy of Digital and Traditional Arts
Welcome to The Academy of Digital and Traditional Arts! This server offers a learning experience for all ages and levels of knowledge, with features such as: ❧ Weekly challenge competitions ☙ ❧ Book exchanges for broadening our learning☙ ❧ A server full of helpful artists who strive to build each other up☙ ❧ A section dedicated to adults and adult art only☙ Join us as we all expand our knowledge and learn from one another to become the best artists that we are capable of becoming! This server is brand new and so we are building up our members! Don't leave because it is slow just yet, give it some time :)

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Discourse is a space designed to facilitate civil debate and discussion. Welcoming a wide range of political views pertaining to any ideology, tradition, religion, and philosophy, we seek to create an atmosphere of engagement. Do not hesitate to come and acclimate yourself in the spirit of discussion. 📚 philosophy 🗽 politics ⌛ economics ✝️ religon 📢 debates

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ADAM is a DAO incubator platform that helps everyone create DAOs. We are going to launch ADAM soon. ADAM supports any community to start their own DAO with no-code along treasury and governance tools. It responds to the market challenges by facilitating five core phases - Build. Vote. Pay. Mint. Liquidity. Join our discord community to get our latest updates.

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Orsetto Gang 🐻
10K NFT Collection

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Majestic Boost Service 🌠
Majestic Boosting Service ! We are a Valorant Boosting Server, where you can buy Elo boosting. We are boosting on EUW / EUNE / TR / NA / RU we are cheapest discord server . There are also giveaways from time to time, so do not hesitate to join.

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Welcome to Fameland, a community-based server that hosts many fun gaming evenings as well as movie and TV streaming on occasion! Run by the president, Suras, she has ensured that the citizens of Fameland get only the best! ✯ A lively and enjoyable community where you may expand your network and catapult yourself further into greatness. ✯ A place where prominent *artists *and *authors *may display their work for everybody to see. ✯ Gaming channels for all inhabitants to relax and enjoy one ano

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~^;ゞSenal Street⟵¯๑)
Hello Everyone ! We are Filipinos trying to create a fun community !!! try and join us now! We are attempting to establish a community where everyone can make friends, hang out, play games, and so on, so if you are willing to assist us, please do not hesitate to join.

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