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TITANPOINTE Flat Earth Discord
Welcome to TITANPOINTE, a server dedicated to openly discussing and debating various truths and venturing further toward mass awakening. When you join, you'll find: • Truly open general discussion chat for both on- and off-topic conversation • Dedicated debate channels • Public information channels accessible to both newcomers and veterans on various topics, from debunking curvature to the “wonders” of outer space • Events and promotions Anyone of any viewpoint can join!

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PLEAD ─ 𝗣𝗟𝗘𝗔𝗗 is a small chill exclusive community focused mostly on roblox We have weekly (+random) events like gamenight and movienight , rewarding events like giveaways and activity awards and we're just a generally chill fun server if you're looking to find new friends, if you like roblox, music, art, irony/humor, games, or just want a non-toxic lighthearted place to hangout and do your thing; feel free to join and see if we're the one for you [CREATED: SEPTEMBER 12, 2019]

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Temple of Medusa
This server is 14+ and primarily a community for cis-women (Gaming and general) Our goal is to create a safe and fun space. We focus on gaming (Here you can find buddies to play with) and other purposes that fit our community; ranging from general discussion, game nights, movie nights and even a women's health corner. It's a Cis-women focused server. By no means are we trying to invalidate trans people, we simply believe there are already plethora of online communities that cater to LGBT

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Mawa's Hobby Shoppe
Somewhere in the largest metropolis in Sinnoh, nestled between an assortment of imposing buildings, lies a deceptively petite hobby shop storefront. You won't find a place like this anywhere else! 18+ ONLY! TCG and General Pokemon focused discussions with card code giveaways and monthly events! Striving for a mid-sized family type community. Public only for a limited time!

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Official UK Charts
A place to chat about UK Charts, International Charts and music in general! Friendly and fun atmosphere with great people.

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The Chatacombs
Welcome to the Chatacombs. We're a non-NSFW focused Adult Server (Sorry kiddos, 18+ only!) where you can expect a (mostly) mature conversation without concerns of getting into trouble from vindictive mods. Only a small handful of bots and manual rank assignment so no Mee6 rank spamming or spam in general. We hope to see you soon! - (Mostly) Mature members - Active VCs - Open discussion - Anti-simp rules - Hands off mods.

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Fluent Gibberish
Welcome to Fluent Gibberish! This server is generally pretty chill if you ask me. However, there can be the times where it will get very random, utter chaos. We have many bots you can interact with such as: OwO, Ghosty and several more. We have also got a plethera of VCs that you can join to talk with friends and play music to! Please keep everything to it's respected channel and follow the rules. Ask any questions in the the respected channel rightfully named: "You ask, Mods answer".

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Lilfahey City™
Lilfahey City™ is a server to find friends and hangout, the creator will work on emoji's tho, we will really appreciate it if you vote for this server, and please read the rules. The server owner will work on more roles for you and other members, here you could talk about your favourite games and opinions. when you first join the server it will might be boring but PLEASE wait or talk in general for you to be notice, the server owner will make mod applications, the server have bots you can play

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The Kool Kids Klub
Do you like memes? Do you have a strange sense of humor? Then, this server is the place for you. Or, you can just come and chill out and talk in general chat, who knows, maybe you'll make a new friend. So if you're weird and have a strange sense of humor, then come and check this server out.

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The Great Hall
The Great Hall is a general TTRPG server actively seeking new members - players and DM/GM's alike - to join our community. Among the features in The Great Hall are channels for a variety of games including; Dungeons & Dragons, Cyberpunk, Pathfinder & Starfinder, Star Wars and more. Join us for persistent play-by-post RPG games, or bring your party and jump into one of our voice channels for a session. Other features: Artist Alley, LFG posts, news, idlebot games and more.

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