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Love's Friends
A SFW server for making friends in. Many topic channels to express yourself in. Internet-forum-style word games. Many bots to play with. Cards Against Humanity, Mafia and Skribblio are our main games.

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Harry Potter Bot
A SFW server for making friends with other Harry Potter fans in. We got Mudae, Dank Memer, Pokecord, WaifuBot, Groovy, IdleMiner, IdleRPG, OwOBot. And for playing Cards Against Humanity, Uno, Mafia or Skribblio in by participating in games, hosting games or posting your own games invite links in to find players. 100 server emojis. 50 animated ones. 50 stylized roles in the role store to purchase with Mimu Bot's currency, Galleons. The support server for Harry Potter Bot.

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La Cacahuète Divine !
Serveur Maturité ! Communauté Française ! Emoji qui fais plaisir ! Staff à l'écoute.

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