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Multiplatform Gaming ™
Multiplatform Gaming ™ A community for gamer's and those alike! #MultiplatformGaming

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Money Gurus - Make Money Online
Money Gurus is the go-to Discord for people looking for ways to earn money online. At its core, our community is based on a friendly and patient atmosphere that allows even the most novice people the opportunity to make money online. The server includes passive income apps, websites, cryptocurrency trading and more.

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》 ✧  Luminescence  ✧《
》 ✧ LUMINESCENCE ✧《 We glow brighter than stars. Together we will form a beautiful shining galaxy. ✧ An amazing community ✧ CoD Mobile clan in progress ✧ CoD Mobile community with newbies and pros alike! ✧ Pokecord channels (and tournaments!)

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Anime Gate
We Are Waiting You To Our Friendly Community Focused in Anime And Music But Not Only That. We Looking For Active Members, So Give Us A Try Hm Lets See Our Basic Features 1 Many reaction and fun bots 2 NSFW Channel 3 Self-assigned roles 3 Every month we replacing 2 of 5 mods

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T E E N+
Welcome to The T E E N+! We're a brand new 18+ community with tons to offer including nsfw fun with nudes and teases, bots, events, giveaways, and plenty more! Don't miss out and join now!

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Anomaly Artz | Offer or Request Services
You can OFFER or REQUEST services. We have an active community of artist on board ready to assist you. You can get all kinds of designs from - Logos - Icons - Banners - Twitch GFX - Thumbnails - 3D models & much more!

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Café Nation
✧・゚: ✧・゚: Welcome to Cafe Nation :・゚✧:・゚✧ Lazy Community Server Fairly Chill and Well Developed (Sorta) -ˋˏ✄┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ Looking for: ▹ Thicc Thighs ▹ Anime Tiddies ▹ Fun/Active members (not really...kinda dont care) ▹ Partnerships ▹ Just chill -ˋˏ✄┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ Key facts about this server ▹ Vast amount of nsfw stuff and cool stuff ▹ Simple voice channels ▹ Self assignable roles (Can add more if high demand) ▹ Moderators ready for anything. (Sorta)

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Lost n Banned™
As the number one server in England, we allow freedom and reward loyalty. There's not much we don't do. There's no community like us, as you'll soon find out. Join us for a laugh or go be a loser somewhere else.

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Bastard Gaming
Bastard Gaming is a gaming discord where people can have a say in tournaments and events through titles such as Total War and Paradox. Other titles include Rocket League and Mordhau that are involved in events. Bastard Gaming is being built and needs admins/moderators and hosts too.

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Welcome to Three Houses, a server about the newest Fire Emblem game! We welcome new and old fans of the game series, and hoping to grow our small, positive and supportive community up into a big one. We also welcome regular Discord members that just want a place to go and hang out in. We have many channels open for discussions, art and writing postings, rant and support channels, and of course, memes. The server has plenty of voice channels as well, and fun bots!

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