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The Lunar ☪ycle
We provide useful information around this area: Mind programming, Pseudo-science, Ezoteric, Real science worldviews on our topic NLP Hypnosis Subliminals ------------- We support plural people and any systems of any kind. Welcome ! --------------------------------------------------------------------

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The Mindscape
A discord server open to systems of any and every origin. This includes endogenic, quoigenic, neurogenic and parogenic systems.

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Plural Languages
This server is a new language learning server, but plural system friendly! I could notice that tulpamancy ressources are mainly in English, but I have talked with people who don't understand English very well. . So on this server you can chat about plurality and such or not in any language! Singlets (you if you're alone in your head xD) are welcome as well. The server is still under construction, but you can still join. And we're searching for moderators and emojis creators.

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