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Kaisers Krieg | an alternate 20th century world rp.
Kaisers Krieg an alternate 20th century world fantasy rp! **ENLIST TODAY!** •Looking for adventure? •want to see the world? •Looking for a non toxic and safe roleplay server? Then join today in Kaisers Krieg! An alternate 20th century world fantasy rp! Kaisers Krieg is an alternate 20th century world rp server full of adventure! With many events, updates custom factions that are designed from or inspired by game, anime and even a alternate history series! Which this server is both in the modern era of the 1900s with fantasy elements as well as some Dnd elements! But This is not just only alternate history mixed with fantasy and others. But to also have the ability to feel right at home, express yourself in a good way and as well as having a community that welcomes all! As well as having special holiday events, chatting, history lessons, or even just wanting help on anything or even make friends! What this server has to offer: >>>A LGBTQ safe and friendly community! >>>holiday events! >>>Music! >>>lessons and chatting! >>>a non toxic safe environment! >>>a non lewd environment! >>>voting! And soon more! Please do note that we are new and a slowly growing alternate history fantasy rp server set in the 20th century Join today!

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